Pokemon to Catch Initially in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Try new creatures in the all Pokemon Scarlet and Violet which is finally here.

Kapish Khajuria
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Many trainers may already find themselves a bit entangled and get confused by all the new creatures they can catch in the all Pokemon Scarlet and Violet which is finally here.


With all the different options players have before they even reach the first town in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, many trainers will want to know which creatures can lay a solid foundation for their playthrough before it truly starts.

The few best creatures players can try to catch early in the game



Gastly is a Pokemon that many fans of the franchise love. The iconic Ghost-type can be found at the ruins south of the lighthouse. Along with its evolutions, Gastly has access to valuable status moves like Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, and Lick, which can paralyze the targets it hits. Gastly also scales amazingly since its evolution, Haunter, has incredibly potent Ghost attacks.

Paldean WooperPaldean Wooper

Just north of the ruins where Gastly can be spotted, Paldean Wooper can be caught in the ponds that pepper the area. Unlike the standard variant of Wooper, the Paldean breed sheds its Water typing for a Poison one. Its new evolution, Clodsire, is a great HP and Special Defense tank.



One of the few Pokemon to receive a huge buff in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Ralts is worth training now more than ever. Spotted just outside of Los Platos, trainers can typically find one of these creatures lounging by the river. With Gallade receiving the Sharpness ability, trainers will want to look for male Ralts with Traceability.



Houndour is a great early-game Fire-type. Houndour can be seen harassing the player and either Miraidon or Koraidon within the first hour of the game. It can later be caught when the player is released to explore the world in that same cave they were first seen in.

Houndour is a great investment pick, that reaches its peak usefulness early on in a playthrough.

These all could be just some of the best picks for a more balanced playstyle in the early stages of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet through which you can have the most fun while competing in the academy is the Pokemon game