6 Popular Mobile Games to Play in 2021

There are multiple mobile games out there to choose from. However, there are some popular mobile games that everyone should try playing.

Boudhaditya Sanyal
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Mobile gaming is becoming extremely popular. With new games coming out every day, the companies and vendors are also introducing new gaming-centric device and other gadgets. From external air-triggers for shooting games to battery modules for long hours of gaming sessions, the market has everything available for consumers' disposal. Having an idea of popular mobile games is always good.


This might make you think about what are the most popular games in some of the most played genres of gaming. Here is a list of games that are popular and can provide a very enjoyable and immersive experience.


Action and shooting have always been popular. Dead Trigger and Nova are some of the most famous franchises that are still very relevant in the gaming scene. However, these are not the most popular ones.


Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty mobile is developed by Activision, the original developers of the PC franchise. The game has both multiplayer and battleroyale modes. The game was popular from the day it launched but saw a significant surge in the player base after PUBG got banned in India. This is a shooter game that allows you to play solo and in a squad with your friends. It is a very engaging game and has a massive scope of esports.

Garena Free Fire


Garena Free Fire is another battleroyale game. The company claims it to be India's battleroyale. It is slightly different from CoD mobile when the mechanics are considered but it is still one of the fun games to play and has a good scope of esports. There are multiple characters to unlock and play with and every character brings something different to the table.


Arcade games are light games that do not really need to have an end. You are always in the process of beating your high score. These games are a good pastime and challenging at the same time. These games might or might not be multiplayer, but are definitely fun.


Colour Switch

Colour switch is an arcade game where you are in control of a ball. You need to pass it through different coloured rings. The ball also changes colours in the middle of the game and can only pass through parts of the ring with similar colours. Getting in touch with different colour will destroy the ball, and you will lose the round or the level.

Smash Hit


Smash Hit is another action arcade game where players need to make their way through futuristic dimensions, smashing obstacles and targets in their path. Even though it is a fun and light game, it does require you to be focused or else you will lose constantly and that will frustrate you. The gameplay is musically synchronized and this makes the game even more fun and intense.

Games like Ludo, Chess and all other board games are also arcade games, and you can try them too, but these games are among the most popular games and are a must-try if you haven’t already.



Educational games are games that help you learn something new while playing a game. These games are very helpful for kids and students, but can also be very helpful for people who just want to know new things and learn about them.

Left vs Right

Left vs Right is a game that tests the sides of your brain. There are multiple games in this app and all of them are targeted towards helping you test your awareness, adaptability, reflex, reasoning, precision and patience. The game also has a colour-blind mode that is useful for people who are colour-blind but still want to test their brain and exercise their grey matter.


Math Puzzle

This is a very good game whether you want to solve challenging maths problems or just want to improve on your mental calculation skills. Playing this daily will help you notice the changes in your skills. This can also help you improve your IQ and become slightly smarter than you might already be.

These games are the most popular in their genres, but these are not the only good games available online. There are multiple other games that can be played with the intention of getting into esports, pastime or education.