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The PostMaster is an e-mail messaging software for
sharing any POP3 e-mail account among multiple users. It can also act as a message
downloader for multiple POP3 accounts. It’s Java based, and available for any OS that
supports the Java Virtual Machine. We reviewed the Windows version.


messaging software. Rs 6,500 (10 users), Rs 9,500 (25 users), Rs 25,000
(unlimited users). Download free two-user version from
Features: Java-based. Mail logging, auto dialing, auto-response. Optionally,
gateways available for Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.
Pros: Works with free POP accounts too. Easy-to-use GUI interface.
Cons: Lacks browser interface for users to remotely check mail and configure their
Source: QuantumLink Communications, B-23 Tardeo AC Market, Bombay 400034.
Tel: 22-4970681

The main advantage we found with this
software was its flexibility: as long as you have a POP3 e-mail account–paid or
free–the software will let you share it among multiple users. So you could have an
e-mail account from VSNL, from your company’s dedicated mail server, or even a free
POP3 account. The software can work using an Internet gateway on a LAN, regardless of the
type of connection (dial-up, leased line, or ISDN).

The PostMaster needs at least a Pentium 166
with 32 MB RAM, which is connected to a LAN. It can be installed on Win 9x or NT and
supports any SMTP and POP3 compliant e-mail client such as Outlook, Netscape Mail, Eudora,
etc. When e-mail is to be sent, the e-mail client contacts the SMTP server built into
PostMaster, which accepts the mail. The mail for a local user on the LAN is instantly
delivered into that user’s mailbox. But in case it’s to be sent over the
Internet it’s queued in the PostMaster’s Outbox.

If users have a domain name registered, for
example, then PostMaster can download all the mail sent to the default e-mail
address of the domain name, and then sort the mail on the basis of the name tag prefixed
to the domain name. A default e-mail ID is an account to which all mail with unrecognized
users is sent. For example, if the default e-mail ID on is, then
all unrecognized e-mail coming to this domain will be transferred to this account.
PostMaster downloads all mail from this account, and sorts it based on the header

In case, you don’t have a domain name
registered or are not using the default account on a registered domain, PostMaster sorts
mail on the basis of the real-name tag that needs to be prefixed to the e-mail address.
For example, ABC Corp has an e-mail account abc@del3. A and B are two
employees of this organization with individual accounts created in
PostMaster. E-mail for
user A can be directed to “A” and for user B to
“B“. When e-mail is sent out PostMaster ensures
that the sender’s e-mail address is specified.

To download mail from multiple POP
accounts, just specify the account settings, and PostMaster automatically downloads mail
for you. Thus if you have multiple POP accounts, you don’t have to bother about
downloading mail from each. PostMaster will download from all and forward it to your local

Other useful features include: mail
logging, archiving all out-bound mail, message summary recording, limitation of mail size,
auto-delete of mail from the ISP’s server after downloads, auto-response, etc. There
is an in-built scheduler that lets PostMaster connect to the local ISP and up/download
mail at specified times.

All in all, PostMaster is a nifty little
package with easy-to-use GUI controls that provides a cost-effective solution for
organizations that cannot afford other options.

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