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Satechi Portable Energy Station

With Satechi 10000mAH portable energy power station, you will never be out of juice while travelling or on a business trip. It is convenient, easy to use and provides power supply for battery depleted USB devices. The station employs 2 USB ports, one 1A which can charge most of your smart phones including iPhone etc., and other 2A USB port to charge tablets etc. LED charge status indicator displays how much battery is remaining in power station which can be used up for charging. It also includes 6-in-1 supply of cables to fit most popular gadgets in the market. Satechi Portable Energy Station is lightweight and can be easily carried around in laptop bags while travelling. The power station can be recharged via supplied USB adapter.
Price: `3,660

iSound Portable Power Max
When you want power, iSound Portable Power Max is exactly what you need. The 5 USB ports allows you to juice up several devices at the same time. Also included is mini/micro USB cable so you don’t have to worry about having one for each of your devices. Though a bit expensive, iSound Portable Power Max delivers great performance in terms of charging. The built-in USB flashlight helps you connect to devices in the dark. The LED indicator reflects how much charging is still left to be used up. iSound Portable Power Max is ideal for one travelling with lots of gadgets.
Price: `8,540

Lapcare Power Bank Grand 15000
Lapcare Power bank Grand 15000 is capable of charging iPads, smart phones and other tablets with its humongous 15000 mAH battery. It is suitable for almost all famous brands included with double USB micro output and has 7 connectors. The LED power indicator helps to quantify how much juice is still left in power bank and will keep every gadget charged anytime, anywhere.
Price: `4,000

Vox Portable Dual USB
Vox Portable Dual USB Power Bank provides 12000mAH power specifically designed to use with tablets and smart phones. It can easily renew power hungry smart phones and tablets twice over. It is convenient, easy to use and compatible with Apple devices. With 8 different connectors it does not only revive smart phones but also portable gaming, Bluetooth handsets, and other devices capable of taking charging from a USB.
Price: `3,000

Targus World Power Travel Adapter
The Targus World Power Travel Adapter comes as a remedy to charging difficulties you face while travelling. It is durable and covers plugs for almost all countries. There are three interchangeable adapters packed along with this, and you have to simply connect any of three adapters to a AC power cord of your device. Also included is Red Safety shutter which protects you against accidental contact with the electric current. Packed in a pipe, Targus Power Adapter is easy to carry around and satisfies all your powering needs.
Price: `1,180

DigiFlip Voyager Travel Adapter
This travel adapter gives you complete freedom without having to buy individual socket converters for your devices. It is compatible in almost 150 countries while travelling abroad or domestic or on a business trip. The travel will always be light as DigiFlip Voyager travel adapter allows you to drop chargers of your mobile phones, cameras, and other portable gadgets. It is compact and easy to carry around.
Price: `1,499

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