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Linux is no longer a stranger to people, and if you haven’t actually used it, you would have at least read about it in national and international media.Since 1995, it’s been PC Quest’s objective to let our readers experience “the other side of computing” in the form of alternate operating systems, and our Linux initiative has been one of the most successful to date. Our Linux issues have become milestones in the history of Linux in India, and going by the letters received from readers, we know that these issues are referred to for months, even years!

If you have any questions or comments about this Linux issue or the CD, please write to our dedicated Linux address, Also, check our Linux CD FAQ hosted at for updates, tips, and tricks related to the accompanying Linux CD.

Please note that this is not a Red Hat-supported distribution, so please do not send any queries to Red Hat.

We look forward to hearing from you about your successes.
The PCQ Linux Initiative Team comprises Atul Chitnis, Gopi Garge, Avinash Shenoy, Nikhil Datta, Madhu Kurup, Kalyan Varma Alluri, and Shanker BalanThe CD was mastered by Exocore Consulting (

The following sections are a useful resource center on Linux :

Installing Linux
A step-by-step guide to installing Red Hat 6.2 from the CD
Linux Speak: FAQ
An FAQ on the Linux culture; a newbies’ guide to Linux…
Linux and Viruses
Why Linux machines are less likely to face virus attacks…
Security with PAM
It is PAM that authenticates users and informs applications of their identity
Stopping Spam on your Linux box
Tools that allow you to prevent or filter spam, and even track down spammers
Booting into Linux
There are different ways you can boot into Linux….
This component model might well be the foundation for a future Linux user interface…
Learn how to configure your CD-Writer and write CDs on a Linux machine…
Using FIPS
To create separate partitions for Linux
Add Linux machines to Win NT/2000 domains and workgroups, and vice versa…
Setting up LDAP
How to use LDAP under Linux to centralize network management information…
Understanding LDAP
LDAP allows you to centrally manage a network with diverse operating systems
Hardware Compatability
You can find device drivers for Linux more easily now, But check this out before you buy any hardware
Resources On the Net
A handful of sites on Linux,kernels, applications,security, and other stuff


So, you’ve
got Linux up and running on your machine; you’re content and all is
working fine. And then you decide to take a little peek inside. Did it scare
you? It’s time you came to these sites for hardcore Linux at work. Visit
these sites, and if you feel at home, then you’re in a very elite group.


With Linux very comfortably
lodged in your computer, you would no doubt want some applications to run.
If you know the type but don’t know the specifics or where to find them,
then it’s worth your time to give the sites here a look.

Tons of
downloads, all well classified. You get all sorts of Linux software here,
including full distributions and demos of commercial stuff. There’s also a
search engine to make your search easier.

Don’t let
the name put you off, in case you’re a vegetarian. This site provides a
very well indexed set of utilities that the community contributes. If there’s
a utility you need, get here, type in the keyword, and bingo, you should
have a few downloadables.


This is the
monster of all the security sites out there. Daily updates on news,
vulnerabilities, etc. The Bugtraq mailing list–the mailing list where all
the exploits and advisories in the world are listed–resides here. A
must-visit daily site for all users who are using Linux as a server. The
site also has loads of good technical articles on security.

This is the
Official Red Hat errata page. You’ll find latest bug fixes, advisories,
and a lot of other stuff.


If you’re getting a little
too bugged with /usr/local/bin, but are still enamored with Linux, then you
could chill out with these sites.

This is the
official site of the Linux India organization. You’ll find various mailing
lists specific to Indian users. Keeps you in touch with the Linux scene in

This is a
comic strip page. The other side of the geek world.

Just when you
get bored with your existing desktop, this is the site for you. Tons of
themes for KDE, GNOME, and WindowMaker.

So you
said bye-bye to games when you shifted to Linux? Time to wake up. This site
has loads of heavy-duty games for Linux. Also includes HOWTO’s and
documents on how to install and configure different games.

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