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This 600 VA UPS from Powercom provides backup and clean power to single PC kind of load. It is fairly compact and comes in an attractive black color. Compared to the D-Link UPS that we reviewed last month (page 112), this one weighs slightly less at 5.8 kg. IND-600A has an LED on the front panel that indicates whether the UPS is on mains, battery, overloaded or if the UPS’s battery is about to drain out. The rear has a surge protection port to connect to your telephone line. Plus, there’s another surge protection socket to which you can connect a laser printer. The battery does not back up this port. The UPS has a single 12 Volts 7 AH battery.

We tested the UPS for a number of things. First we checked its maximum switchover voltage range and maximum output voltage range that it provides to the PC (load). Switchover voltage is the point above or below which the UPS switches over the battery. We found that the UPS didn’t switch to battery until we changed the mains voltage to either below 145 Volts or above 297 Volts. Operational voltage is the lowest and highest voltage that the UPS supplies to the load and signifies the voltage regulation capabilities of a UPS. Ideally the output voltage that falls between 187 to 253 Volts is good. While the upper voltage of this UPS came to 253 Volts, the lower limit was slightly low at 160 Volts. To test the battery life of the UPS, we charged the UPS overnight to ensure that the battery was fully charged. Then we loaded the UPS with 80% of its rated capacity, or 480 VA. Here, the UPS managed to provide backup to the load for only 3 mins 10 secs, which is slightly lower than the D-Link UPS of the same rating, which managed to give a backup of 5 mins 10

Bottom Line: Compared to the D-Link UPS, this one is priced a little higher, and the back-up time is also lower. Plus, it doesn’t have software-controlled unattended system shutdown. 

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