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This 600 VA line-interactive UPS allows you to connect two to three PCs to it and performs well. It took only 4 ms to switchover to a battery, which is excellent, and is better than the APC UPS reviewed this time. It has two battery backup outlets and a telephone surge protection port, which can be used to protect your modem. It has a RS 232 port for connecting to a PC.

When loaded with 80% of its rated load of 360 W, it gave a good backup time of 6 mins. It also gave an upper and lower switchover voltage of 275 V and 166.4 V respectively. Though a lower range than the APC UPS, it’s still good enough. The minimum output voltage could be better, as it measured to just 185 V. Maximum output voltage was good at 238 V.

It comes with monitoring software that continuously monitors the input/output voltage, frequency and load on the UPS. It can save all your data and shutdown your system safely when the UPS battery becomes low. Not only that, if you have a modem, then you can configure the software to use it to page an error (like line failure or UPS overload) to a fixed number. This can be very helpful if you have unattended systems running 24/7. Overall, a good buy.

N   A   P   S   H  
O   T

Price : Rs 3,650 (two-year warranty)
Key Specs : 600 VA, telephone surge protection
Contact : Zeta Technology, Delhi.
Tel : 26449258, 51607181.
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