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Project Scheduler is a powerful package with an easy-to-use
interface. It’s a comprehensive tool covering almost all aspects of project planning,
tracking, analysis, and reporting. It performs all the basic task scheduling on your
desktop, and helps you work on multiple projects using an SQL database repository.

Project Scheduler

Project management
software. Rs 35,000
Features: Unlimited customized calendars; ODBC support; can export/copy
data from Word/Excel.
Pros: Easy-to-use interface; can track many project resources; multiple
calendars for multilocation projects.
Cons: None.
Source: Centre for Excellence in Project Management, A-48, Sector 5,
Noida 201301.
Tel: 577-527684 Fax: 6464481

The software lets you create customized calendars
that let you define workdays, weeks and the annual holidays in the schedule. Custom
calendars can be quickly created and named to identify unique time requirements and
variable schedules. These named calendars can be applied to any project, task, resource or
link. Time units range from minutes to months. It’s also possible to refer to more
than one calendar in a single project, thus increasing its value in a multi-location

Another good feature is that you can allocate 99,999
resources to a project. PS7 allows you to track, monitor, and compute the resources
required and also the costs associated with it. Increments and fluctuations in the costs
of the various resources during the project, like increase in the project cost due to
overtime or process delays can also be tracked and computed.

A PS7 project has a Gantt chart–graphical
representation of the project schedule–which is automatically generated as you enter
the various tasks and resources in the entry table. The choice of colors and pointers make
each element distinguishable, and the program allows you to enter unlimited number of
notes for easy reference. ODBC support allows you to import data from database servers.
It’s compatible with MS Office and can export or copy data from Excel and Word. The
whole project can be presented as an HTML file that can be placed on the intranet for the
project team.

Features like wizards, guides, tip-of-the-day suggestions,
and field level help for project management make PS7 more user friendly. The various
reports of the project and data can be presented using the pre-defined reports and report
wizard. The report writer also allows you to create customized reports.

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