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Acer C110

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The attraction of the projector lies in the fact that it does not require a separate power adapter. The tiny size of the device is impressive. Having 110 x 85 x 25 mm dimensions and a weight of 175 gm, it is ultra-portable. It has glossy finish, plastic body and looks elegant with no physical buttons. On the right side of the device is a focus control ring; at the bottom are a tripod socket and an easily negligible pull out stand.

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It comes with a Y-shaped DC power cable that connects the projector with a computer using one or two USB ports. It is very easy to setup, you just need to connect it via USB and the built in software runs automatically. Once the USB cable is connected the software asks if it is connected using one or two ports to power the projector which determines the brightness of the projector.The projector offers a native resolution of 854×480 at a contrast ratio 1000:1. But the projector is good only for office presentations. The images projected are not sharp enough, neither the video is enjoyable. The visibility diminishes with distance. An important issue with the projector is that there is no driver for any other OS other than Windows

Dell M110

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The new mini projector manages to get much attention because of its compact size. It is designed for both business and home purposes. The small size makes it look like a pocket projector but for the stunning clarity and performance. It can be easily carried around. The controls of the projector are located at the top, while the connectivity ports are placed at the rear-side of the device. The remaining sides of the projector have cooling vents.

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Dell M110 interface design is very comprehensive –HDMI, VGA, USB, SD interface, gathered in one, mobile users can connect storage devices and it can also be connected to the computer HD playback devices. With a variety of connectivity options available, multimedia presentations or audio video applications can be run from digital cameras, DVD players, gaming console and more devices. All that needs to be done is to connect the projector via cables. Or if one wants to connect smartphone or laptop wirelessly that can be done by using the optional wireless dongle.

The native WXGA resolution offered by the projector is 1280×800. As for brightness it has 300 ANSI Lumens at a contrast ratio 10,000:1. The projector reproduces excellent images with color accuracy. It also works well in brightly lighted rooms also. Text was also clear and enjoyable.

BenQ W1200

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The projector comes as an option for home theater, video gaming. It has glossy finish at the top. There is an inclination stand at the front of the device. Zoom and focus controls are at the top, just behind them is the control buttons. Large cooling vents are present at either side of the device. The buttons are well placed on the top and so are easier to use. Buttons control almost every menu option available. There is also a remote that allows you to manage the settings from anywhere in the room. Connectivity options comprises of HDMI, VGA input and many more. The preset image modes are dynamic, standard and cinema, wherein one can’t make any adjustments, the settings are locked for these. There are other three modes available to make adjustments according to the user. Starting off with heat emitting, it heats up after 10 min of operating. The image quality is good along with smooth video streaming. Excellent text projection is experienced. Good overall audio and video performance holds the projector in good stead.

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