PUBG Mobile Season 14 Week 1 Mission Guide For Casual and New Players

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PUBG Mobile Season 14 has gone live with the new week missions for players to complete. Players who want to rank better in the game need to complete these missions before the season ends. Luckily the missions in season 14 week 1 are not too hard to complete but casual players or players who are not good at the game might need some guidance on how they can also complete the missions and rank better in the game. PUBG Mobile weekly or daily missions are not hard to complete but sometimes look daunting to players. 

So here is a PUBG Mobile Season 14 Week 1 guide to help players in their mission completion:


  • Revive teammates 24 times in Classic mode: The first mission that you will see in the week 1 Daily mission list will be to revive your teammates 24 times in classic mode. However, it does not say that you need to do it on any particular map. So to complete this mission the best way would be to choose Vikendi in Asia server as it is less populated and ask your teammate to use his or her other account. Drop-in Vikendi and instead of engaging with the opponents use the safe zone to revive your teammate as soon as they get knocked. This mission will take 4 to 5 matches to complete. 
  • Land on Pochinki or Los Leones or Quarry 3 Times: This is a choice mission. You can choose which map would you prefer to play in and land on rooftops. It is essential that you land on a rooftop in order to complete this mission. In order to do this mission, you need to choose a map from either three and land on the specific location 3 times. I would suggest going with Miramar since there is more probability of landing on a rooftop compared to Pochinki in Erangle or the quarry in Sanhok. Remember, all of these locations are hot drops so there will be a lot of players dropping in these locations with you. 
  • Finish top 3 with friends twice in Classic mode: This one is an easy mission to complete. Choose Vikendi in the Asia server and do camping in two matches instead of rushing and killing opponents. The best way to complete this mission would be in duos and waiting until the end. Engage with the opponents only when absolutely necessary. 
  • Complete 14 Matches in Arena: Simple mission. Just play 14 matches in any Arena mode. It is not important that you win each match but you need to be in the match and not quit the match till the end. 
  • Pick up Smoke Grenades 20 times in Classic mode: This can be done in a few matches easily. Just pick smokes any time you see it. 
  • Kill 20 enemies with SMG in Livik: This is a difficult mission to complete in week 1. Livik map has a lot of bugs and way too many players right now. So this mission will take a lot of time to complete so beware of that. The good thing about Livik is that it takes only 15 minutes for a match to end. 


These are the new missions in the week 1 of new Season 14 PUBG Mobile. As soon as week 2 starts we will post another guide on how to complete these missions. 

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