PUBG Mobile Stopping Indian Operations Was Fake and We Called It

Sushant Rohan Singh
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A Facebook post went viral in India and caused a little bit of panic, to say the least. The post was from PUBG Mobile official Facebook account saying that PUBG Mobile Indian servers will stop operating from 31st of October. Every major publication carried the post without verifying the authenticity of the post itself. Needless to say that the post was in fact FAKE. Yes, PUBG mobile Indian servers are still in operation, and players who still have the game installed on their devices in India can still play it. Here is the post in question.


PUBG Mobile Facebook Post

Can You Still Play PUBG Mobile in India?

The answer is yes. You can still play PUBG Mobile in India if you did not uninstall the game from your android or iOS device. Technically speaking, the Government of India has banned the game from operating on Indian soil on September 2nd just like it did with TikTok. However, unlike TikTok, the PUBG Mobile ban apparently only removed the game from the Google Playstore and iOS AppStore. As long as the servers of the game are still in operation players will be able to play. If you did uninstall PUBGM from your mobile or any other device and now want to download it again then head over to the link given below.


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When Will PUBG Mobile Be Unbanned in India?

PUBG-Mobile-India-LinkedIn-PUBG Corporation


This is a question that many players of the game have been asking ever since 2nd September. We can't say for sure when PUBG Mobile will be coming back to the country but what we can say is that you will see the game make a comeback once again. It is not just us who are saying it. Even PUBG Corporation who owns the intellectual property of everything related to PUBG has made clear statements saying that the game will be coming back to India.

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To that effect, PUBG Corporation has been making silent moves in the Indian market to create a homogenous infrastructure in the country. Somehow many MAJOR publications forgot that just a few days ago we saw a LinkedIn post go viral. The post was from PUBG Corporation looking for a Corporate Development Divison Manager in India. What we are trying to say is, PUBG Mobile will be back. Don't fall for rumors that you see online. It takes just a few taps from a keyboard to find out if the news is real or FAKE.

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