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PurpleNova Pro is a software that let’s you share your content online
securely and directly along with a feature to host websites and web
applications. For this, you don’t need to have a static public IP. Anybody on a
DSL line with a dynamic IP can use it. Each file hosted through PurpleNova is
assigned a URL that can be mailed and shared with others who could access the
hosted content from their web browsers. The only key requirement is that the PC
that hosts content must always remain connected to the Internet.

The interface to the software is simple and allows all hosting functionality
through one window. Files can be hosted using Files and Folders tab. A private
access option lets the content to be viewed over SSL. If you have registered a
domain name, but don’t have a static IP or webspace to host it, then you can use
PurpleNova for the job. Simply create your website, map the domain name to it,
and you’re online. This can be a good option for organizations who want to test
out their websites over the Internet without first purchasing hosting space.

$4.99 (per month)
Key Specs: Web hosting of content,
SSL protocol support for private content; Local web server apps
Contact: Infinishare Technologies,
Tel: 23095855

SMS Buy 131196 to 56767

The way it works is quite simple. All you need is a local web server to host
your sites. It supports Apache, Tomcat, and IIS. Even a desktop OS like XP comes
with IIS built-in. Simply upload your website to this web server, and use
PurpleNova to create a URL for it. Only one thing to keep in mind here is that
the names of all hosted apps should be in lowercase.

Bottomline: Good option for small
businesses to host their web site and share content among clients.

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