User Query : Quality Bluetooth speakers

Sonam Yadav
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Q- I want to buy a funky Bluetooth speaker within a budget of 4K. Please suggest what to look for.


- Amit N

Bluetooth speakers are hot nowadays with many major brands releasing a product one after the another and they all come in unique styles. You can go for Creative Woof 3, which is an inverted bell shaped bluetooth speaker. The speaker produces clear audio that is directed upwards and well distributed. Encased within the durable premium metal alloy housing is a 45mm driver (12% larger than its predecessors in the Woof series), and an additional oversized passive bass radiator for an enhanced audio performance. Other options you can look for is iBall UFO, JBL Micro-wireless, Logitech X100, etc.

- Anuj Sharma, CyberMedia Labs

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