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So, how has our experience
been on the quality of service offered by the Indian e-com sites? In a word—Bad.

Orders that were never
delivered, deliveries that didn’t happen on time, wrong products
delivered, requests for help not answered…The list of problems we faced is

Let’s take the winners in
this shootout—Rediff and Fabmart. We had problems even with them. Rediff
never delivered one of the products we ordered. We had to go back to the
site and request for a clarification, before they got back with the
information that the item was out of stock. Surely, they could have
intimated this piece of vital information before we asked for it after
waiting it out. Fabmart never responded to our question on security. If the
best sites are like this, then the less said about the others, the better.

Colorplusonline, where we
ordered stuff worth Rs 2,000, responded by saying that the ordered items
were out of stock, and that they were canceling the order. About two weeks
later, we suddenly received the ordered goods. An e-mail asking for an
explanation of this strange behavior never got a reply. took our
order for a Gillette Mach 3, but never bothered to deliver. Repeated e-mails
asking about the status didn’t get a response. Hiperworld took an order
for Dairy Milk and Crackle, and delivered two Dairy Milk chocolates. Again,
no reply to mail inquiring about what happened. Asianskyshop required a
reminder, a week after placing the order, before they sent out the letter
asking for confirmation of order. Amul took the order for butter, and their
representative even called up to confirm the order, the address, and date
and time of delivery. But delivery never happened. Indiashoppingmall
promptly sent back a mail giving the credit card number and billing address
of the credit card we had used. This mail could easily fall into the hands
of unscrupulous elements. So what if they use a secure server? All the
security is negated by this one thoughtless inclusion.

In short, Indian e-com
vendors have a long, long way to go before the quality of their service can
stand up to scrutiny. And Indian e-com shoppers have to bear that in mind
when shopping online.

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