Is my computer infected with a virus?

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It’s just that I used to get a lot of stuff from unreliable websites and I am kind of worried that maybe my computer has been infected. I have Microsoft Security Essentials, Spybot, and whatever Windows 7 comes with. I’ve scanned using these anti virus programs and my PC came up clean but I am worried because I often type stuff up on my laptop then put the data on a pendrive and then print it from my office computer. Is there a free anti virus that could also clean out junk that might mess with my computer?


Rohan G

If your computer is operating at normal speed then I don’t think it has got infected. However, to ensure whether it has been hit by a computer virus, you’ll likely receive a message from the antivirus software as the application scans your computer. Watch out for these signs if your computer has a virus: frequent crashes, low processing speed, strange messages when accessing drives, file sizes fluctuating, runs much more slowly than it used to. For complete protection, you must have a good antivirus installed on your PC.

Ashok Pandey, CyberMedia Labs

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