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Price: $ 29.8
89Licenced: Shareware
Size: 651 KB
Meant for: Outlook Express

This tool managed to grab the hot seat and gave us outstanding performance with its ‘undelete’ feature. R-Mail is a utility that recovers damaged DBX files and recovers deleted messages. It uses a unique recovery technology called ‘IntelligentRebuild’ that allows the user to read damaged DBX files and recover from them. Recovered messages are stored as EML files and can be imported into Outlook Express. Like other mail recovery tools that we have reviewed, its interface has two panels. The left panel shows the location of your DBX files and the right one shows recovered e-mail. To recover mail, select the Inbox folder, the DBX file and right click on it. From the context menu select ‘Message base recovery’. After seeing the recovered mail select ‘Copy Messages base to’ from the same context menu. And you will be asked where to save it to-give the location and click on the Save button.


Repair Tool for Outlook Express 

Price: $ 44.96
Licenced: Shareware
Size: 1.72 MB
Meant for: Outlook Express

This utility is a repair-cum-recovery tool for Outlook Express mail. It also has a search feature that can search Otlook Express mailboxes on your machine. Its interface is divided into two segments-on the left side you can select damaged mailbox files and on the right side you can see and select from the recovered content in a worksheet-like interface. In order to recover e-mail, select the damaged file and select the path to dump them in. Then select the mail to recover from the worksheet. Click on the ‘Recover’ button to start. 

E-mail is stored in EML files. Double click on the EML files to open and view them. You can also simply drag and drop these files into your Outlook Express or to any other mail client in order to transfer the recovered mail. Another thing to keep in mind while running the repair option is to close your Outlook Express mail client, as it may give problems.

Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert (AOEME)

Price: $ 39.95
Licenced: Shareware
Size: 1.21 MB
Meant for: Outlook Express

This utility helps you recover lost mail from your Outlook Express mailbox. AOEME is a very user friendly mail-recovery tool.

The tool allows you to recover either the entire mailbox or just the selected mail. Its interface is also divided into two panels.

To recover mail, select the damaged files from the File menu and click on the Recover button. The tool will scan the entire damaged file and display the content it found. This process may take a few seconds depending on the size and amount of the damage done to the mailbox. Plus it has a search option that lets you find important mail from the recovered data. Finally, just click on ‘Extract all’ to extract mail from the recovered information. If you want to extract only some of the mail, select them from the shown content and click on ‘Extract Selected’ button to extract them. Recovered mail is saved to disk as EML files. Now you can just drag and drop the EML files in to any of your mail client. Like mail clients you can navigate through mail by sorting them datewise. This helps users to select the important mail at one go. 

Advanced Outlook Express Recovery

Price: $ 49.95
89Licenced: SharewareLicenced: Shareware
Size: 596 KB
Meant for: Outlook Express

This is a powerful tool to recover deleted e-mail from Outlook Express mail folders. It uses advanced technologies to scan the mail folders and retrieve accidentally deleted e-mail from them. The tool supports recovery from DBX files and media such as floppy disks, ZIP disks and CD ROM. 

The maximum DBX size supported is 4 GB. The tool is pretty easy to use. Its interface has five tabs. To recover the deleted mail, click on the Recover tab and browse to the path with the damaged DBX files. Then click on the ‘Start Recover’ button. It will scan the files and recover the deleted mail. If you want to recover mail from various mailboxes then use its batch feature. This allows you to scan multiple DBX files. Once you have recovered the lost mail in EML form, you can transport them to your mail client using drag and drop to your Outlook Express or other mail clients. 

However, before using this tool just ensure to close your Outlook Express. 

Easy Outlook Express Repair

Price: $ 45
Licenced: Shareware
Size: 681 KB
Meant for: Outlook Express

Easy Outlook Express Repair is a very light tool for restoring damaged folders in Outlook Express. If Outlook Express cannot find your mail messages, you can use this tool to get your messages back. It can also recover the damaged Outlook Express folders. 

It helps you extract messages from the damaged folders and save them to disk in EML form. Using the program is very simple and does not require any special skills.However, the tool takes time to repair your mailbox depending on the size of your DBX file, if the size is more than 1 GB its better to copy the files in to other location and then run the tool. You will recover your lost messages in just two steps. 

To recover messages from a damaged folder, you only need to specify the file to be recovered and the location on the disk to save them to, and then press the ‘Start Recovery’ button. 

The tool will read the specified files and extract messages from it and save them to the disk. 

OE-Mail Recovery

Price: $ 45
Licenced: Shareware
Size: 762 KB
Meant for: Outlook Express

The OE-Mail Recovery (Outlook Express Mail Recovery) is a program for Outlook Express DBX files. It automatically finds the path where OE has stored the e-mail folders. It reads the DBX files and identifies the mail stored in them. 

Recovered messages can be viewed and stored separately in EML format. Later these EML messages can be opened and viewed, moved and copied into Outlook Express folders. The tool also has a recovery wizard that can be used to recover mail from damaged DBX files. The wizard will ask you for the location of the DBX files and the particular mailbox there that you want to recover. Each DBX file stores a mailbox or mail folder. Finally click on the ‘Start Recovery’ button to recover your mail. On the right side of the interface, you can see all the discovered mail, and the wizard will prompt you for the location to save recovered e-mail. 

To play safe its advisable to copy your damaged DBX file into another location and then run this tool. Running the tool on the original file can create problem s to your original mailbox.

Recover My Email for MS Outlook

Price: $ 87
Licenced: Shareware
Size: 1.72 MB
Meant for: MS Outlook 

Recover My Email for MS Outlook is an e-mail recovery utility that can recover your deleted e-mail message and attachments even if it has been emptied from the ‘Deleted items’ folder. The tool can support MS Outlook with PST (Personal Storage Files) and OST (Off-line Storage Files).

To use, click on Open and select the PST or OST file and you can see its content on the interface itself. The interface looks exactly like that of a standard e-mail client. On left-side panel, it displays a list of mail folders (like ‘inbox’). Any mail that had been deleted but can be recovered is shown under a special folder named ‘Recovered Deleted Mails’. Click on this to see a list of such e-mail, with the content displayed. 

To save them elsewhere, right click and select ‘Export Mails to eml file’. The tool can repair only less than 2 GB-sized PST files, if you have more than 2 GB file then run Microsoft 2gb152.exe to reduce the size. ¨

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