Rapoo's T6 Wireless Touch Mouse

New Update

Rapoo's T6 wireless touch mouse is slim with gently arching paddle and has no visible buttons, scroll wheel, or anything else: just a glossy plastic surface. Lookwise very similar to Apple's Magic Mouse. The Rapoo T6 Wireless Touch Mouse has 2.4GHz wireless connection with up to 10M working range. T6 Wireless Touch Mouse has intelligent multi-touch technology brings a creative driving gesture for mouse.



The front half is touch-sensitive, letting you left-click, right-click, and scroll both vertically and horizontally. There's also a two-finger left/right swipe gesture for ‘back' and ‘forward' commands, which is easy to make intentionally and hard to make on purpose: no accidental web-page switching. The mouse slip cleanly and quietly across most surfaces, it's uncomfortable to use for long periods, the scrolling is a not smooth all the time. And the gestures is very hard to actually activate, and if you manage to do it it won't work as it should. You might face problem while playing games with this mouse as although there's a physical click button under the surface, whether you're left or right-clicking is decided by the touNch panel. This means you can't hold right (aim) while left-clicking (fire). Battery life is good runs around 80-90 days.

Bottomline: High on looks and features but falls short in performance.

Price: Rs. 4049/-