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Want to make monotonous training sessions interactive and effective? The
e-Learning software, Raptivity, is one such solution. it provides much-needed
relief to trainers whose major concern is to present their courses in an
interactive and enriching manner and to hold onto their audience. It helps you
transform the content rich in technical information to a highly interactive and
effective course. It has a pre-built library of 150 plus customized-interaction
models, so there is no dearth of options for the trainer to choose from.
Raptivity’s interface has a single flash file which can be used with authoring
tools such as LMS (Learning Management System), LCMS (Learning Content
Management system), live collaboration tools and Web design tools. Its library
consists of many interaction models that let you build brainteasers, visuals and
presentation elements. The key advantage of Raptivity is that a user need not be
tech savvy. With support for Unicode, trainers can create interactivity in
non-English languages as well. Another key feature of this software is its
ability to track completion status, score and response of the learner. At the
same time, for tracking SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model), it
provides all the information to LMS. SCORM is a collection of standards and
specificatons for Web-based learning. So, it allows a trainer to keep a close
eye on a learner’s learning ability.

We tried out some modules of Raptivity. First we used a predefined
interaction model ‘bloom’s taxonomy’. It includes several options: ‘knowledge’
that helps a learner recall past learning; ‘comprehension’ that tests the
learner’s understanding; followed by ‘application’, ‘analysis’, ‘synthesis’ and
‘evaluation’. We customized ‘application’, which is a simulation-based exercise
where learners are provided with a series of questions and have to pick the
right answers. It allows you to customize the parameters, background, edit the
clue that the learner will see when he clicks on the image, and even edit the
feedback settings. Once done with customization you can allow the learner to
proceed with his learning. Customization is very easy and enhanced color schemes
make sure that the entire interactivity model is a treat to the eye of a
learner. There are other models like Gagne’s Nine Event with nine instructional
events that activate processes needed for effective learning. We also used
Keller’s ACRS model and Experiential Learning. The process of customization is
almost same for all models.

Rs 31,500
Meant For: Organizations holding
training sessions
Key Specs: Flash-based output, 150
plus customized interaction models, LMS
Pros: In-built interactive modules, unicode support
Cons: Slightly overpriced
Contact: Harbinger Group, Pune
Tel: 25284201,

SMS Buy 130892 to 6677

BottomLine: A comprehensive e-Learning software that makes learning
interactive as well as fruitful.

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