Real Cricket: Launch, Vision and Future of the Game for Real Gamers

The rise of mobile devices and the internet has made it simpler than ever for individuals to access online cricket games

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Real Cricket

The rise of mobile devices and the internet has made it simpler than ever for individuals to access online cricket games. The industry has responded by developing a diverse selection of games to accommodate players of all skill levels. No one could have ever imagined cricket to be one of the biggest games in the online gaming sector. The relationship which people share with this sport is truly astounding. It is no longer confined to the ground anymore. Gamers worldwide can play cricket online and enjoy it like a real game. The gaming business in India has risen significantly in recent years, thanks mainly to the increased number of players and the growing popularity of esports.


Anuj Mankar, CEO of Nautilus Mobile and creator of "Real Cricket," exclusively spoke to PCQuest about the vision behind "Real Cricket," a game by Nautilus, JetSynthesys. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), in collaboration with the Indian Digital Gaming Society (IDGS), recently organised the India Gaming Show (IGS) 2023 in New Delhi at Pragati Maidan, with JetSynthesys serving as the event sponsor. Many panels and competitions were held over the three-day conference and exhibition.

What was the Vision behind "Real Cricket"?

"His ambition for creating the Real Cricket game was to make the sport equal to the FIFA online game and provide millions of cricket enthusiasts worldwide the option to play cricket exactly like FIFA," Anuj told PCQuest. He also informed us that this was one of the first online cricket games. They have a large user base and have released several versions since then. Users may effortlessly download the Real Cricket game and begin playing it internationally.


Can anyone play "Real Cricket"?

According to Real Cricket's CEO, there is no target audience. Everyone interested in the game is welcome to play it. The user may experience all of the events that occur during a typical cricket game on the pitch while playing the game.

The Vision Behind Real Cricket

Everything you should know about "Real Cricket."

 It differs from and is more realistic than the previous Cricket games. The developers have emphasised its motion capture, mannerism, DRS system, AI behaviour, and Algorithms to keep games tight and avoid one-sided contests. The game is unexpected to maintain user interest. According to the makers of Real Cricket, the game is Dynamic and has a good shelf life. New-age technologies are used in Real Cricket in terms of AI. We can expect new game launches from Nautilus in the casual side of the sports segments soon.

Do we recommend "Real Cricket"?


One of the problems of online cricket games is balancing realism with accessibility. "Real cricket" tries for realism by including actual player statistics, physics, and meteorological conditions. "Real cricket" is an excellent example of one such game. Games that emphasise accessibility over realism, on the other hand, may not appeal to gamers seeking a more realistic cricket experience. We highly recommend " Real cricket."


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