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You might have faced it many times that the mail you wanted the most got deleted or you accidentally deleted a mail folder. Maybe some virus or worm corrupted your mailbox! This can happen to anyone, anytime. What's important when you are stuck in such a situation is to be able to retrieve your messages somehow.


Here we explain how to recover your Outlook Express mail using a program called


Direct Hit!
Applies to:

Outlook Express users
USP: Recover deleted or corrupt mail in Outlook Express mailboxes
On PCQEssential CD:

system\ cdrom\enterprise

Even if you've deleted any mail or mailbox in OE, you'll find it in the Store Folder so long as you don't reboot. Access it from Tools>Options

Copy deleted mailbox(s) from the Store Folder to another place. Install MailNavigator and load the deleted mailbox(s) from the File Menu

Select the mail you want to recover or do a 'Select All' to recover everything, followed by'Save As' from the Message Menu as shown

Save it as a Eudora Mailbox and note its location. Run OE and import this Eudora mailbox there from File>Import>Messages

Anil Chopra