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Javed Tapia, Managing Director, Clover Infotech, feels that SMBs can reimagine their entire business in terms of processes, communications, customer engagement and data analytics to enhance business and brand recall.

How important is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is an organization-wide culture change. It is not easy to let go of status quo with respect to established processes and legacy systems. Organizations that can embrace the change in processes, technology and the business itself in a positive manner can leverage the benefits of digital transformation better than competition. Large enterprises can enhance every facet of their business right from customer facing interactions, engagement, enterprise applications and planning, to underlying technology platforms. SMBs should ideally work with a technology services provider with expertise on digital transformation. They can reimagine the entire business in terms of processes, communications, customer engagement, data analytics etc. and enhance business and brand recall.

What about emerging tech for the above?

We must appreciate the fact that technology empowers businesses to enhance efficiency and accelerate growth. If businesses can identify and clearly define areas of efficiency enhancement and growth, then artificial intelligence, machine learning and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are very relevant. These technologies can give a huge fillip to all areas from process improvements to risk mitigation and sales enhancement to customer engagement.
What about the R&D space? Our Centre of Excellence (CoE) is focused on areas such as RPA, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation technologies, Cloud services and critical enterprise application services. I think India has the talent and the skills to become an R&D superpower. We are taking the right steps with our thrust on digital transformation and creation of a vibrant ecosystem for incubating new-age ideas and innovation.

What about agility and microservices?

Agility is a norm in the digital age. Organizations must experiment fast and keep testing multiple concepts. Companies that are very dynamic in terms of their interaction with customers and where applications constantly evolve to engage and interact with customers may be better served with micro-services architecture as against monolithic architecture.

What are the benefits and threats of cloud?

The benefits are well-documented in terms of transforming from a Capex to Opex model of IT spends, enhancing access across locations and device types, and augmenting the security for applications and the technology layer. The on-demand nature of cloud services, flexibility in terms of provisioning to scale up and scale down storage, compute and network resources play a key role in enhancing agile deployments and practices. Threats might emerge due to lack of access management and identity management, inefficient and insecure APIs and integration layer, data breaches and deviations from compliance mandates which, at times, may be unintentional. However, organizations can take proactive measures to ensure that these threats are addressed and mitigated seamlessly.

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