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Can’t remember the BIOS passwords? In such a case you’d need to reset the BIOS to default settings. The system BIOS software stores its information on a tiny flash memory chip on your motherboard. This needs a constant supply of power to keep the information. So, if you remove the source of this power, the BIOS will reset. This is not the mains power, but is provided by a tiny Lithium-ion battery. With earlier motherboards, you could simply pull out the battery to reset the BIOS. But since anybody could do that, manufacturers provided more security. Here is what to do with newer motherboards.

Keep your motherboard manual handy. Locate the battery on the motherboard (looks similar to a digital watch battery, as big and flat as a one rupee coin). Press the clip located on its socket. You may use a tiny screwdriver, but never apply too much force. The battery will pop out. Short-circuit the connectors in the socket with the screwdriver. Refer to the manual and locate BIOS Reset jumper. This is normally a set of two pairs of terminals with a jumper already set on one pair. The manual will specify whether you have to remove the jumper or place it on the adjacent terminals. Do accordingly and power up the PC momentarily and then switch it off. Replace the jumper to its default position and also the battery in its socket. Boot up again.

You’ll get to the Setup screen without any password. Note, however, that all earlier BIOS customizations would have vanished too. So you will have to reconfigure everything again.

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