Here is The Revealed secret of Samsung’s showcased VR headset

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During the MWC Shanghai 2017 conference samsung as the company launched nothing but it reportedly revealed a secret device, some information about which has been revealed.
According to a report by VR focus Samsung showcased its standalone virtual reality headset behind closed doors, during MWC Shanghai 2017.

The VR headset has been mentioned as the ‘Exynos 3’ head mounted display in a press release of Visual Camp, a company that will be providing VR eye-tracking technology for the particular head-mounted-display.
“Visual Camp attracted significant attention for its VR eye-tracking technology at the Samsung Electronics booth at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017 (MWCS 2017), held from June 28 through July 1 in Shanghai, China. At the event, Samsung Electronics revealed its new Exynos 3 and VR reference platform,” reads the release.
The eye-tracking technology will track where users can see and make a particular frame sharp while keeping the rest of the part blurred, keeping the subject in focus. This process is being called ‘Foveated Rendering’.

The technology is being said to be compatible not only with standalone headsets, but with those that support smartphones as well. The release adds that, “a measurement of the CPU power consumption of Samsung Electronics’ Exynos 8890 chip resulted in the relatively low (average) figure of less than three percent, proving the product’s outstanding performance.”

However, don’t expect to see this anytime soon. Exynos VR III is a prototype name (presumably there were two versions before) so it’s probably a way off from an official debut. Still, after HTC announced its own standalone VR headset it would not be a surprise to see Samsung, along with other companies in the VR space, to relase their own products. Hopefully we will see a potential Samsung headset – whether it’s branded as Exynos, Gear VR or something entirely different – at IFA in September.

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