Acer XB240H Monitor

The Acer XB240H monitor provides good ergonomic experience with a multitude of tilt, swivel, and pivot options for easily optimizing your viewing angle

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acer xb240h
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Price : ₹ 27,999

Key Specs

    24" Full HD LED Screen, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, Refresh rate: 144Hz, Contrast Ratio: 1,000:1, 1ms Response Time, Display Port, HDMI Port, Dimension(H*W*D) : 21.08*22.32*9.65 inches

Pros : Sharp Picture Quality, G-sync, Stand

Cons : Viewing angles

Bottomline : The Acer XB240H is a 24-inch monitor designed for both RTS and FPS game play. Armed with Nvidia's G-Sync technology, 144Hz refresh rate it delivers smooth gaming performance


Gaming is one area where high-performance equipment matters. The Acer XB240H is a gaming monitor equipped with Nvidia G-sync technology to give smooth and clear game play minimizing distractions.

The 24" LED screen is housed in glossy black bezel from front and matte finish on the back. Bottom right bezel is host to six buttons that let you access and navigate the settings menus, turn the monitor on and off, select an input source, and choose one of five picture presets (Standard, User, Eco, Movie, and Graphics).

One unique thing of this monitor is it's multi-functional stand. The stand has a mounting arm equipped with a sliding hinge that raises the screen almost 6 inches and provides 35 degrees of tilt and 60 degrees of swivel adjustability.



G-Sync is a proprietary technology developed by Nvidia to eliminate the screen tearing and other motion artifacts. A G-Sync-enabled monitor communicates with the GPU, allowing the monitor to operate with a variable refresh rate in order to display frames quickly and in the correct order as they are rendered by the GPU. The result is a much screen appears instantly, sharp objects, smoother gaming experience, with decreased input lag.

Great Gaming Performance

When we played FPS games like Call of Duty, it played smoothly. The brightness levels are good and you can easily spot and target enemies in darker areas giving you a competitive edge. In games like GTA San Andreas which is a combination of shooting, racing the monitor excelled in almost all sessions of game play giving you a immersive experience. With 144Hz Refresh rates and 1 ms response time, the monitor renders fast moving, detailed images smoothly and reducing motion blur.

When we pushed 1080p videos it did a remarkable job, delivering great color reproduction and black levels. However being a TN panel suffers from viewing angle and there is shift in color when viewing from extreme sides. With this monitor you will not be disappointed whenever actions gets intense and in moments where accuracy and clarity details is of utmost importance. The speakers delivered moderate amount of volume with no bass, so if you want better sound and bass then you must attach external set of speakers.

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