Aerate Thunder Air Purifier – AR1320

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Price: ₹ 22,990

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    In The Box- Air Purifier, Remote Control, User Manual, Filter Type--Activated Carbon, HEPA, UV Filter, Ionizer, Coverage Area 550 sq ft, Control Type –Touch, Air Flow Level 3.2 km/hr, Number of Speed Settings 3, 3D Circulation Air Flow, Ionizer, UV Lamp, Clean Air Delivery Rate 320 CMH, Filter Replacement, PM 2.5 AQI, Display Type LED, Power Requirement 220v 50Hz, Power Consumption 48 W, Noise Level 26 dB, Operating Temperature 0-40 degree C, Dimensions—Width 32.9 cm, Height 52.9 cm, Depth 20.9 cm, Weight 4 kg

Pros: Real time PM 2.5 level display, 8-stage air purification

Cons: Costly

Bottomline: When people ask me for advice on whether to buy an air purifier or not, my riposte is always that smoking 10 cigarettes is always less harmful than smoking 100 cigarettes. Such is the difference in ambient air quality that these air purifiers bring about through regular usage.

You can’t escape from pollution no matter where you are—roads, offices and even your homes. Now, while you couldn’t do much about it in the past, thankfully now you have portable air purifiers for rooms of varying sizes that let you get rid of or rather reduce dust, allergens, odours and other harmful contaminants. Another key health benefit from such air purifiers is the release of high density ions, both positive and negative, that have a positive impact on the users health. Such technology basically uses an electrical discharge process to constantly release ions in the atmosphere. These ions form highly oxidising hydroxide radicals when they adhere to the surfaces of moulds and viruses. They physically break down and remove proteins from their surfaces, thus neutralising them.

We got the latest Aerate Thunder air purifier for review. The company does not aggressively market this product but if interested you can get to see a listing on Flipkart. However, the air purifier does provide a classy and elegant persona for your interiors with a shiny black surface and large LCD panel. The color panel features a real time PM 2.5 level display so you know what level or air purification has been attained. It employs an 8 stage purification process and can be deployed in large room sizes up-to 550 sq ft. The Aeranano technology developed by Aerate comes with advanced filtration system that filters out bacteria, allergens and harmful agents with size >0.02 micron.

The 8 stage purification with smart sensors, real time PM 2.5 Digital Display, fully automatic and manual mode of operations, touch sensitive operating panel are some of the key features. The CADR of Aerate Thunder is 320 m3/h which is quite decent for air purifiers of this size.

The various layers in the 8-stage purification process are:

1.            Elementary filter layer for dust, hair and other small particles

2.            High Density TRUE HEPA filter layer

3.            Antibacterial isolation filter layer

4.            Activated carbon filter

5.            Molecular sieve adsorption

6.            Cold catalyst filtration purification

7.            UV sterilizing

8.            Negative ion purification


We placed this air purifier in a living room of upto 250 sq ft. The operating sound of the air purifier is audible but pretty much tolerable, in noisy environs such as in offices, you won’t even feel it’s on! There are different fan speeds which let you set the speed at which the air is filtered and delivered within a room. It works by sucking in air from the ambience which is then passed through various layers of high-quality filters before it is released through the outlet vent.

All these three filters are designed to trap pollens, allergens and PM 2.5 particles from the air. You can feel the difference in air quality after about an hour of operation in closed environs. However, the moment you open the doors and the device has to work that much hard to bring the PM 2.5 levels down, from what we could observe from the real time PM 2.5 display. One good feature with all air purifiers is the pristine smell to the air that can be sensed with regular usage. They also eliminate any organic odour that could have entered a room due to leftover food particles, unclean areas, and even pest droppings.

The air purifier market is growing and such devices are particularly useful for people suffering from breathing problems. But given the rising pollution levels in cities and reduction in cross-ventilation due to the growing size of buildings surrounding us, even healthy people won’t mind having one for company.

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