AuthShield Two Factor E-mail Authentication Review

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    Supports PCs running Windows, Mac and Linux, compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS

Pros: Dual authentication, mobile and PC authentication, soft and hard tokens, PIN protection to the app, OTP to access emails

Cons: None

Bottomline: AuthShield Two Factor Authentication is a solid solution to protect your business sensitive email data. It provides comprehensive security which enable users to access the email with dual protection, even when you are accessing that using your own PC.

Every business, from startups to large, is concerned about the security of their precious data, emails, etc. Nowadays, hackers are targeting businesses to steal their sensitive information for illegal purposes. This is not a situation which organizations can afford to ignore. The security of the database and other sensitive information is essential.

Innefu introduces AuthShield Two Factor Authentication which is based on something a user knows, and something he physically has in his possession. AuthShield offers simple and convenient Two Factor Authentication integration with Cloud based infrastructure.

E-Mail Authentication: The solution protects Microsoft Exchange so that you can be free from worries about email hacking. 2FA has a hard token and a soft token that authorizes the user to access emails. The hard token is a security device that generates a new password after every 90 seconds. Each token is unique to the user and synchronized with the server based on time. The password is based on a pre-defined unbreakable randomized algorithm.

The soft token or mobile token is a smartphone app,


AuthShieldMobile, which is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and BB. This app comes protected with a PIN that you can create and when you access your email, using the PIN you can generate a One Time Password (OTP) to authorize access. The desktop token also works similarly and supports Windows, Linux and Mac PCs. This desktop app can also be used for the same OTP generation and authentication.


As well as, there is another app called OneTouchAuthentication or AuthShield Tokens made for OWA / ActiveSync / Outlook that lets you approve or deny the login request using the smartphone. Anytime a user wishes to login, a ‘PUSH’ notification is sent with details including IP, Location, and TimeStamp, the user can Approve or Deny the login request.


Simple user management: The 2FA has an easy to use interface that lets admin manage users and policies to assign specific tokens to specific users. Admin can add / delete users, associate/de-associate a token with a User, transfer a token to another user, block / unblock a token and assign multiple policies.

Performance: We used the email security for OWA / Microsoft Exchange, the shield protected our account from being accessed from other PCs. In the real time, it notified us for the approval or denial of the access. We were able to generate and use the OTP using the soft token (desktop and mobile app). As the solution encrypts all the requests and the OTP lasts only for 90 seconds and used only once, this offers an effective security.

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