Dustor BOT X PRO Robotic Cleaner Review

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Price: ₹ 31,990

Key Specs

    Li-ion 2600mAh battery
    Hepa Filter
    Slim - only 9.8cm
    Wireless 802.11 g/b/n
    Voice Alert
    LDS (Lidar) Navigation
    Up to 2880pa Suction Power

Pros: Different control options – App, Remote
Accurate floor mapping
Sweeping and mopping function
Various cleaning modes
Detachable cleaning parts

Cons: The top panel prone is to smudges and dirt
A bit noisy when using max vacuum efficiency

Bottomline: Dustor BOT X Pro is overall a better robot for home cleaning compared to Roomba. Having remote and mopping functions, it gains an edge over other rivals. This BOT can be operated by anyone at home or office, child and the elderly who are not too tech-savvy. Apart from some large objects, it delivers excellent cleaning plus mopping function making it a better choice. Moreover, it is fairly low priced compared to Roomba.

It all began with manufacturing, where robots replaced humans for many operations, but now they are ready to change our lives as well. Robot vacuum cleaners are not new to the industry, but they have got new capabilities and skills. The next-gen robots are smart to make our lives easy.

Dustor, a Mumbai-based company, introduced BOT X Pro vacuum cleaner with IoT capabilities. Previously we reviewed iRobot Roomba i7+, this time we got Dustor BOT which is affordable and offers almost similar functionalities but what about performance, let’s find out.

Build and Design

This is a round design robot that looks similar to iRobot Roomba. Carrying weight of around 3 KG, this portable vacuum cleaner is easy to move. Its round design gives it advantage to reach out to corners easily. The entire body is made out of solid plastic, the top features a glossy finish that is prone to dirt, fingerprint and smudges.

Dustor BOT X PRO Robotic Cleaner Review 1Ashok Pandey | PCQuest

Dustor BOT X PRO Robotic Cleaner

It comes with two detachable dirt containers, one just collects the dirt, and another one also functions as a mop. The mop container has two parts, one to collect dirt and another to fill water and cleaning agents. The dust box has a 600 ml capacity and the mop has a water tank capacity of 370 ml. When the dust box is filled you can detach it from the Dustor and clear it easily by opening it. The mop container can’t be open, though you can clean that with little struggle. You get two detachable containers, a mop cloth and brushes along with the Dustor. The centre vacuum roller is also detachable this helps to clean the roller.

Dustor BOT X PRO Robotic Cleaner Review 4Ashok Pandey | PCQuest

Dustor BOT X PRO Robotic Cleaner

It has a compact charging dock, but like Roomba, it doesn’t suck out the dirt. It is just a charging station where our robot takes rest. Being compact is good but this also creates a problem for the BOT X Pro, it moves easily from the spot when the vacuum cleaner tries to find its way back to dock.


Setting up the device is fairly easy; you just need to plug in the charging dock. Then you need to attach the dust container and side brushes. After that place the robot to the charging dock and it will take around five hours to be fully charged. On top of the robot, there are two buttons – Power/clean and home/charging dock.

Dustor BOT X PRO Robotic Cleaner Review 6Ashok Pandey | PCQuest

Dustor BOT X PRO Robotic Cleaner

On the side, you get a switch to power on the device, then you can press the power button that will activate the device to start cleaning. Once done, the robot gets back to the charging station automatically. In case you want to stop in between then press the home button, and the Dustor would stop cleaning and get back to the dock.

Dustor BOT X PRO Robotic Cleaner Review 5Ashok Pandey | PCQuest

Dustor BOT X PRO Robotic Cleaner

Press and hold the power button to activate the wi-fi, install WeBack app on your phone/tablet, and follow the instructions to set up the device to your wi-fi network. The only restriction is that it supports 2.5 GHz wireless connectivity. Once wireless connectivity is done you can, schedule the cleaning time, check the cleaning area (how the device sees your house, a kind of map), you can adjust the mop water level, define a specific cleaning location, zone, etc. The App also shows the cleaning time, area and battery level of the device. It also gets two buttons for cleaning and a charging station.

Dustor BOT X PRO Robotic Cleaner Review 8Ashok Pandey | PCQuest

Dustor BOT X PRO Robotic Cleaner – App

You get a remote along with the device that comes with different action buttons to sweep and clean. You can activate pre-set modes, or can manage the robot manually, helpful if you want to clean a specific area. The remote also lets you schedule a cleaning time.


Once setup is over, the vacuum cleaner is ready to clean your home or office. You can set up schedules to kick start the cleaning or mopping any a particular time when you are not at home, for instance, you can pick a schedule of early morning when you go for a walk, till the time you are home, BOT X Pro will clean your place. The slim robot has a height of 9.8 cm plus a hood holding a LIDAR sensor, meaning it can clean under your table or bed if the gap is more than 11 cm. It was able to go under the bed but stuck under the TV unit.

Dustor BOT X PRO Robotic Cleaner Review 2Ashok Pandey | PCQuest

Dustor BOT X PRO Robotic Cleaner

The app enhances the functionality, in case it is stuck inside the bed, using the app you can locate it easily. Definitely, it won’t go under any furniture which is less than the required height, but sometimes when it tries to suck some bigger objects and is unable to, the robot stops there. In that situation, you can use the app to track it and then remote to take it out manually.

Dustor BOT X PRO Robotic Cleaner Review 7Ashok Pandey | PCQuest

Dustor BOT X PRO Robotic Cleaner – Remote

Now, the core functionality – sweeping and mopping. The Dustor did better than Roomba because it has dual brushes, on both sides, and it can capture a wider area. Both brushes are easy to detach, so in case it is stuck with any thread, hair, etc. you can easily remove and clean it. The same goes with the centre vacuum roller, easy to detach and clean.

The floor cleaning performance is somehow similar to Roomba which had two rollers moving at the inner core, made of rubber and Dustor has one roller combining rubber grip and brush. Roomba was better in suck even some large objects, here BOT X Pro majorly failed. It efficiently sucks dirt particles and other small objects, but with paper or wrapper, it is hit or miss.

When it comes to mopping, Roomba doesn’t have that functionality. With BOT you need to just change the dust container, you can fill plain water or can mix floor cleaning liquid. All the functions are the same, it will keep sucking dirt and other things, just the mop function would spray the liquid on the mopping cloth. The cloth touches the floor gently to get the mopping done.

It is good for mopping, though if your floor has some footprints or other marks of any spilt liquid, might it won’t be able to clean them. May manual function help you there, push the BOT to go again and again at the same place to clean. Also while using the max water you can see water marks at the end, with medium marks are fairly less and with low, you hardly find any marks.

The LIDAR sensor helps Dustor BOT X Pro to map the house thoroughly, even though it is capable of detecting the positions of furniture, doors and other large objects accurately. BOT cleans the floor and sides efficiently, but the corners are still a miss. The two brushes tried to capture the maximum carpet area, but due to the round design corners are hard to clean. It’s not so silent robot, yet negligible when you get used to it, but while using the max suction power, it’s noisy. The battery delivers decent life of 1 hour and 50 mins, and a floor area of around 1000 square feet can be cleaned in one charge.

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