EBTL Amour 3.0 Review: Operate your appliance wirelessly

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Price: ₹ 68,500

Key Specs

    Programmable switches
    A customizable touch panel with icons
    Works over Wi-Fi
    In-built USB chargers
    Protection against electrical surges
    Protection against voltage fluctuation
    Logi-touch functions
    Sleep mode

Pros: Easy Installation, standard wiring, Intuitive UI (App and Panel)

Cons: A bit expensive

Bottomline: Amour 3.0 is a perfect solution to enjoy home automation, but it's not going to be an affordable choice. People who are tech savvy and like to experience futuristic technology can go for it.

Home automation company, EBTL, recently announced its next-gen device Amour 3.0 that works on Wi-Fi and can be controlled by touch, smartphones and voice commands. With the aim to simplify home automation, EBTL developed this solution to replace your switchboard.

The IoT enabled solution lets you control your appliances and lights, etc. remotely. This can be fixed on a normal switch panel but has futuristic technology.


The Amour 3.o panel is designed with respect to the standard switchboard socket, so it can fit easily in your existing switchboard bracket. The out shell is made of polycarbonate which is easy to clean and robust.


Installing this home automation solution is quite easy. As I mentioned earlier, it can be fixed in standard switchboard panel, wiring is also similar. Connect wires to fans, lights and heavy home appliance such as AC.

It works well with the inverter as well and in case of a power cut, it remembers the state of the switches and restores the active devices back.


Amour 3.0 is not only easy to install, the operation is also smooth. Once the installation is done, the touch panels lets you switch on or off the devices. It has inbuilt wifi and hotspot, you can connect it with your home wifi to operate wirelessly. Also, the panel can be customized depending on the user’s requirement

Amour App

Amour Home Automation app is available on both Android and iOS platforms, it lets your manage lights from your Smartphone screen. But before you start utilising the wireless features, install the app on your phone and then search for Amour device on your phone to connect it to home wifi. Once the connection is established, you can command to switch on or off any connected light, fan or other appliances from your phone. You can schedule on or off for any connected appliance.

EBTL Amour 3.0 Review
EBTL Amour 3.0 Review

Your phone screen will replicate the screen of Amour 3.0 panel’s screen. You can switch on or off any appliance with a touch of an icon on the screen.


We installed the Amour 3.0 panel, in our office and replaced one switchboard, now it’s been more than 3 weeks. As I mentioned earlier, setup was quite easy, it has intuitive UI both on panel and app. We enjoyed using the panel as well as remote connectivity to switch on or off the device from any location.

With a futuristic design and smart feature, amour comes with up to 7 switches, 5 switches of 10 and 2 of 30 amps, which can be customised as per your needs. Also, it comes with 2 USB ports with fast charging capability so no need to carry your power adopter, you can directly connect your phone or tablet to the panel. Also, it enables you to control the intensity of lights as well as regulate the speed of the fan. Icons for lights or fans can be set as per need.

No more fear of shocks, as the panel is completely shockproof, even you can touch the screens with wet hands. Set all device off or on, when going out or coming back, with one long press. Moreover, switch on AC even before you arrive or in case you forgot to switch off the TV, don’t worry, use Amour 3.0 to switch off now.

It’s not a simple switchboard that replaces conventional switches, you can do a lot more with it. You can schedule on or off activities to your connected devices. Amour 3.0 works with Alexa as well, meaning you can command Alexa to switch on or off the devices.

Another interesting feature, users’ can analyse power consumption by each appliance. The analysis lets you make wise decision to utilise power and save more on electricity charges.

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