Flexnest FlexBike Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Bike Review

Ashok Pandey
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Flexnest FlexBike Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Bike Review
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Price : ₹ 29,999

Key Specs

    Trainer-Led Workouts

    Bluetooth Enabled

    Free 1-Year Flexnest Membership

    100+ Virtual Rides

    Magnetic resistance

Pros : Solid build

No noise

Multiple adjustment options

Smart app

Cons : None

Bottomline : The solid build, no-noise exercise bike has multiple smart features that help you to not only set up and achieve your goals. Also with the free access to Flexnest classes you can get expert advice for better overall fitness.


The fitness technology start-up Flexnest recently announced FlexBike. The Bluetooth enabled smart bike is developed keeping the modern fitness freaks. You can connect your smartphone or tablet with the bike using the FlexNest app and track your activities, plus there are videos and live trainers available for your help to achieve your fitness goals.

Build and features

The FlexBike looks like any other exercise bike, but there are numerous differences. The bike creates magnetic resistance, you can customise it as per your trainer’s suggestions or fitness requirements. It is a sIlent bike, you hardly notice any sound, the entire bike is made of metal with options to increase or decrease the seat and handle height.


The Flexnest app opens the door for various fitness opportunities. You can connect your smartphone/tablet to get access to choose from three types of bike workouts: Quick ride, Virtual ride, and Class ride. While a Quick ride is the usual workout mode, a Virtual ride brings on your phone or tablet's screen videos from various cities around the world.

Using the app you can stream On-Demand classes to your bike from the Best Instructors from around the world. It has a vast library of On-Demand Classes. There are 100+ Scenic Rides, meaning you can travel virtually to hundreds of exotic destinations from Italy to New York to Thailand. You can also compete with other riders connected from across the globe through the Flex Leaderboard.

Flexnest FlexBike Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Bike Review



The FlexBike has no complex system to assemble or disassemble, using a small tool that comes with the bike you can easily set it up in a few minutes. It has an adjustable seat and handles that locks-up perfectly. On the handle, you get a table holder where you can mount any table or smartphone easily. The smart bike is made out of metal, which makes it a little heavy, but thanks to the attached wheel, you can move it easily from one to another places.

To connect the app while exercising, you need to just start pedalling and the app will detect the motion. It will pop up a notification to connect the bike. Then whatever exercise mode you have chosen will appear on the screen. you can enjoy the ride and it feels like you are riding on those roads while using the virtual ride. As you speed up, the graphics travel fast, so all is in sync.

You get your weekly report in your email, plus you can check the status on the app itself. You get a 1-Year free Flexnest Membership with the bike to Flexnest classes.