Flexnest Flextread Review

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Flexnest Flextread Review
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Price : ₹ 39,999

Key Specs

    Speaker System - Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    Bluetooth - Compatible / Enabled

    Net Weight - 48Kg

    Gross Weight - 58Kg

    Carton Size - 1640*820*300mm

    Max User Weight - 120Kg

    Running Surface - 1210*460mm

    Speed - 1 to 15 km/hr

    Voltage - AC 220-240

    Power Supply - 12V Power Adapter

    Motor - 3HP (5HP Peak)

Pros : Solid build

LED display

Multiple speeds up to 15 KMPH

Smart app

Cons : None

Bottomline : Flextread is a simple-to-use treadmill with numerous thoughtful features that help you to set up and achieve your goals. The built-in speakers let you groove while exercising plus you can also charge your phone using the USB port. You also get free access to Flexnest classes and expert advice for better overall fitness.


Flexnest has added a treadmill in their line-up with several intelligent features. It provides coaching, motivation, and various other features to immerse you in your fitness journey. Let’s find out what all it has to offer –

Build and features

The smart treadmill comes in smart packaging. Setting up won’t take much time, most of the parts are connected just need to push the lock at your required position. Attachments like tablet/phone and bottle holders are easy to connect. Once setup is done, it is ready to use.


Flexnest Flextread Review Flexnest Flextread Review

Flextread comes with 2 in-built Bluetooth speakers, and a USB charging port among other accessories and speeds up to 15 km/hr. You can connect to the Flexnest App to get 500+ trainer-guided workouts and 50+ virtual walks.

The Flextread is designed in an aesthetically pleasing way, that it looks like a statement piece when placed in your home. It comes with FlexAlign Running Line to align your stride with the line and keep your running mechanics in check. This unique centering line improves your balance and alignment while sprinting.



The Flextread has no complex system, once setup is done just plug into power and turn on the treadmill. The handlebar is adjustable, you can adjust it as per your comfort. All the control buttons are placed on the panel. At the center, you get a start/off touch button and some pre-set speed buttons. The two speed controller buttons are placed on the extreme right to reduce or increase the speed. On the extreme left, you can see volume control buttons. The Led display also shows the current speed, calories burnt, and miles you completed.

Flexnest Flextread Review Flexnest Flextread Review


Flextread has a powerful 5HP peak motor, so just jump on the treadmill and begin your cardio. The motor goes up to 15 KMPH of speed. If you are a beginner then just use pre-sets to start walking and then increase your speed. To get professionals’ help you can connect your phone or table to the Flexnest app using Bluetooth.

It comes with two in-built Bluetooth speakers which can be used to enjoy music while working out. The app has 50+ virtual walks in cities like Paris and New York You can now explore different cities worldwide as you ride. Also, it has 500+ on-demand videos on the treadmill for running, walking, and many more.

Choose your way of running or walking and begin your fitness journey. The app also provides weekly reports in your email, plus you can check the status on the app itself. You can also compete with other riders connected from across the globe through the Flex Leaderboard.