GoDaddy Pro Review: A One Stop Solution for Developers to Monitor and Manage Several Sites

GoDaddy tries to ease web developers and designers’ day-to-day hassle of managing various clients with its new GoDaddy Pro Program.

Ashok Pandey
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Price : ₹ Free

Pros : Single dashboard to monitor multiples sites, add services to particular site on behalf of clients, get suggestions to improve website performance

Cons : Bandwidth monitoring is not included

Bottomline : GoDaddy Pro program eases web development business and also developers’ jobs when they are managing various clients. The single platform allows not only to monitor, but also to buy services on their behalf. It also helps to understand the websites’ various technical aspects where improvements are required, so we can say it is a complete package.


GoDaddy tries to ease web developers and designers’ day-to-day hassle of managing various clients with its new GoDaddy Pro Program. The program comes with automated tools to manage and monitor customers’ accounts. As we all know that buying a domain, setting up a website and then maintaining it to run your business smooth is a quite tough task. Most of the businesses hire developers or have an in-house team to manage all the related tasks. This is doable till the time only a few websites are there, but what if a business multiples sites or a developer is handling various clients? GoDaddy pro comes handy for developers whether they are in-house team or working for their clients.

The GoDaddy Pro Program offers client management tools, advanced support, and other features to help web developers and designers more easily manage their client’s accounts.

Add various clients in one place: GoDaddy Pro allows developers to add multiple clients and manage their accounts. While testing the Pro program we created some dummy accounts and one Pro account to manage them. It takes a few steps where the developer provides details of domain and clients’ info and then request for the access. Once the client approves, the developer gets complete access to purchase or make changes in the website. Here, the client never shares the password with the admin, he/she only permits access to makes changes in the website whether it be coding or design. And whenever client wants, can block access to developer.


Admin gets a Client Product Dashboard where they can view all clients and their products in one place. They can monitor their websites as well as get automated email and SMS alerts when client websites have issues.

Admin can buy hosting or other services on behalf of clients. Customer will get notified via email about the pre-loaded shopping carts for review and then he can approve to go ahead or reject one or all the items.

Easy to understand and manage: GoDaddy Pro is designed to help developers. It has a user-friendly design and almost everything is available on the dashboard. Simply access the account and manage. Developer can choose payment options, as they can pay on their own or clients can give their GoDaddy Pros access to make

purchases in their accounts.


Managing clients with breeze: GoDaddy Pro gives you flexibility to add or remove clients at any point of time. Admin can easily remove a client by archiving them. Archived clients are hidden from your list of clients, but their data is with GoDaddy and can be easily unarchived them if required in future.

Ease developer’s job: Clients should ask for the best hosting provider where they get 100% uptime and best possible tech support. But most of them don’t know how to monitor whether they are getting what exactly they asked for. GoDaddy Pro lets developer do that, a developer can add any website. It doesn’t matter whether it is hosted on GoDaddy or not.

Here they get details about their uptime as well as the program helps to find out problems which require critical analysis to enhance your website performance as well as make it user-friendly. If the website has coding related problems then it suggests about HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It also tells about the server response time and uptime. It also alerts when server is down.

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