GoDaddy Website Builder Review

Ashok Pandey
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GoDaddy Website Builder Review
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Price : ₹ Free

Pros : Easy to use, Free trial, beautiful templates with easy customization

Cons : Has limitation which can be removed after paying some money

Bottomline : No doubt this is the simplest method to create a website in a very quick time. With the clean and easy interface, GoDaddy Website Builder is the perfect platform for any type of website. But free things come with limitation and to unlock them you need to pay some amount, same is with GoDaddy Website Builder.


Do you have a unique business idea or passion? Whats the best way to let others know about your business and passion? It's quite simple – a website can be the best way. But you have business or passion to do something, not the expertize to build a website. Here GoDaddy can benefit you with its free Website Builder.

Yes, Godaddy provides hosting services but they also understand the pain points of the consumers, thus they come up with the right solution which let you create a beautiful website without having coding knowledge.

How to get started?


It's quite simple, visit GoDaddy website builder page where you can choose from-

  1. Personal
  2. Business
  3. Business Plus
  4. Online Store

All four start at zero cost, no need to pay even a single penny to use this service, just choose the most relevant one. Click on “Start for Free” and you will be redirected to register page, where you need to provide your email ID and proceed to next step.

GoDaddy Website Builder Review

Now you need to provide some info about your site and then click on “Get Started”. It will take you to the main page to choose colors and fonts for your website.

GoDaddy Website Builder Review

There are numerous theme options to choose from, select one and add your Text, Logo, Cover Photos, etc. to give it personal look. Select your color scheme and fonts, and when done, click on 'Preview' to see the real world experience or directly click on 'Publish'.

The homepage will be available by default to customise, additionally, you can add more pages to your site.

For instance, here I have created a contact page and got the option to choose one contact form. Here as well you can customise the form as per your taste.

GoDaddy Website Builder Review

You can add more pages and for each, you have various actions to choose from including blog, about, calendar, photo gallery, sell online, and more.

Website Builder Usability

Considering a free tool to create a website without having coding knowledge, then it's one of the best ones I have used till date. Though its not like WordPress which may require some coding knowledge, at the same time, it's not that much flexible and versatile.

With simplicity, it comes with limitations like you have predefined pages to add to your website. But you can get limitless opportunities as well by paying some amount to GoDaddy and get help from an expert to build a full fledged website. It also comes with features like Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing, etc.

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