Hero Cruz Electric Scooter Review

The electric scooter review unit, we received, has a 250W motor that gets power from four 22AH Led Acid batteries.

Ashok Pandey
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Hero Cruz Electric Scooter Review
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Price : ₹ 42,890 (Ex-showroom Delhi)

Key Specs

    Max Speed 25 km / hour, Max Range 70 km /charge, License /Registration Not Required, Motor Output (Watt) 250 BLDA, 10-inch wheel, tubeless tyres, 22AH Led Acid batteries, Net Carrying Capacity 90 Kg, Gradeability 7 deg, Storage Box Capacity: 20-25 liters

Pros : Well designed, silent, takes only 1.5 units to be fully charged, comfortable riding experience, 1-year warranty on power train (motor, controller, charger, converter ), 8-months warranty on batteries.

Cons : A little expensive, only for local conveyance

Bottomline : Hero Cruz is a perfect option if you can compromise on speed. With this, you can save a huge amount on fuel for local conveyance as it takes only 1.5 units to be charged and runs more than 65 km. With less maintenance this comes at a little higher price, but saves money in the long run.


This Hero Cruz electric scooter has an elegant design, runs on green energy which prevents pollution and provides a comfortable ride

The well designed Hero Cruz has a large seat, soft suspensions, 10-inch alloy wheels and aerodynamic design. However the length of high-density foam seat is decent, but if two healthy/fatty adults are riding, then the pillion rider may find it a bit uncomfortable. The suspensions are also quite responsive and tubeless tyres give you the freedom to roam without any fear of frequent punctures.

The electric scooter review unit, we received, has a 250W motor that gets power from four 22AH Led Acid batteries. These are connected in serial mode and can be replaced by spending a further Rs.8500. The motor is designed with a mechanism that cuts off the power when brakes are applied, this enhances the range and saves power. This scooter can be charged using your home electricity, and no additional setup is required. To charge the scooter from zero to full takes only 1.5 units. This means you not only save nature but also money, in comparison to any highly efficient petrol scooter or bike.


The Cruz is equipped with an anti-theft alarm, as well as built-in GPS that helps you to get the current location of the vehicle. Using the GPS on your smartphone or PC, you can easily spot it. The top panel houses odometer and the indicator panel. The odometer provides detailed information about the battery status, speed and mileage.

The scooter offers 20-25 liters storage capacity inside the seat as well as a USB port that can be used to charge any smartphone.

The Cruz is a low-speed scooter, means you need to sacrifice on speed. The company claims max mileage of 70 KM per charge, with a speed of 25 KMPH. In our testing, we were able to touch 35 KMPH top speed. However, differences were clearly there in the performance. With 25 KMPH speed we were able to get the range of up to 66 KM per charge while running with 30-35 KMPH we only got a range 57 KM per charge.

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