Inbase Bud's Mini Lite TWS earbuds Review

We have Inbase Buds Mini Lite TWS earbuds, TWS earbuds that come in a flip-style case and offer 40 hours of playback time.

Kapish Khajuria
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Inbase tws
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Price : ₹ 1,299

Key Specs

    Light and Compact Body

    Decent sound

    Smart touch functions

    Water-resistant and has 13 MM drivers

Pros : Secure fit, lightweight and has a large battery backup

Cons : Controls could be more efficient as a couple of functions don't work.

Bottomline : Looking for a light and something which gets fit in your ear easily, then this TWS from Inbase might work.


We have Inbase Buds Mini Lite TWS earbuds, TWS earbuds that come in a flip-style case and offer 40 hours of playback time. Let's have a look at this really compact but long-lasting battery life TWS.

Build quality

The Buds Mini Lite TWS comes with a compact and sleek case which can easily slip into your pocket. It is a small square-shaped design and The light case holds a pair of earbuds that have matching colours and a glossy silver black finish. The case has magnetic placement to hold buds in place. Plucking the buds out and putting them back is quite easy and are not fully enclosed once you put them back in the case.



The LED light on the front of the case indicates charging and stops once it is fully charged. The earbuds fit perfectly with a secure fit design in-ear design and each bud weighs just 3 grams. It fits perfectly in my ears, had no issue while listening to music or talking to someone or walking down the road. There was no discomfort while wearing them for hours. The earbuds are IPX5 water resistant meaning they are protected against sweat and some water spills.



Features & Performance

The Inbase Mini Buds TWS comes with touch sensors which let you control all the basic functionalities of the earbuds. Both buds have different touch functions – a single tap on either earbud will play/pause the music or answer the call. When you touch twice it will dial the last number that you dialled in your phone caller other than that there are a few other controls that the company claims but these were the only two controls that I was able to with touch sensors.

Battery backup

Incase you are done with the battery backup after using it continuously for 5-6 hours, keep your case charged and you can use up to 3 days of battery backup.