Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 Review

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 Review

Ashok Pandey
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Kaspersky Internet Security 2015
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Price : ₹ 899

Key Specs

    Antivirus, Antispam, Web protection, parental control, firewall, Safe Money

Pros : Several useful, efficient malware, solid parental control intelligent firewall. hardened browser for financial transactions

Cons : Not very effective in spam filtration, no remote notification in Parental control

Bottomline : The Kaspersky internet security suite works smoothly without affecting your PC performance. It has all the essential features to protect your PC from several vulnerabilities and attacks.


Most of the security suites are now having components like antivirus, firewall, anti-malware, anti-phishing, parental control, etc. and Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 is not an exception in this. The security suite has a simple interface, the screen is divided into four panels -  scan, updates,  Safe Money hardened browser, and parental control. It also has several "Additional tools" as well as adds real-time reporting from the firewall's application. It has network-control modules, also lets you see a summary of recent protective activity.

Kaspersky Internet Security suite has semi-transparent virtual keyboard both foils keyloggers and prevents screen-scraping attacks. Its also lets you search and fix vulnerabilities available in the PC's OS and applications. It wipes out several traces, browsing histories and eliminate junk files from your system. The security suite is not going to annoy you every time to make some decisions, about which may you are less or not aware. Its intelligent firewall makes most of the decisions itself using a trust rating to each process, that includes, Low Restricted, High Restricted, and Untrusted.

It has a spam filter that works well, but not much efficient, and its local parental control allows you to restrict usage of Internet. You can configure parental control separately for each user. You can create profiles for teens and blocks access to inappropriate websites. Moreover, it lets you block games based on descriptors like "Intense violence" or "Partial nudity."

It comes with an option that provides summarize the report of all recent activities including most-visited sites, popular apps, etc. You can also get a detailed report of a specific section by simply clicking on that. It has Safe Money feature which detects when you visit to a bank or payment gateway site and protects your browsing.  You can configure it to automatically use Safe Money when appropriate, without stopping to ask you.

We tested the security suite on our test bed and the results were quite impressive. In our EICAR test, in which we used 8 different files (4 for http connection and 4 for https connection), while downloading from the site, it alerted about the risks, and asked to block the download. After downloading, it scanned and removed highly infected files. It effectively removed more than 86% of the infected files. In the second test, we created a 150 MB test folder and deployed more than 27,000 files in it. We scanned this folder and found that it scanned the 150 MB folder in just 1 minute and 08 seconds and consumed memory around 17 MB. In the 25 zero day malicious websites test, it prevented us from 22 of these websites. K7 can protect your PC from numerous viruses and malware proactively. It is capable of blocking most of the attacks with more than 90% accuracy.

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