Logitech MXKeys Combo for Business Gen 2 Review

Ashok Pandey
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Logitech MXKeys Combo for Business Gen 2 Review
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Price : ₹ 26995

Key Specs

    Darkfield high precision

    Nominal value: 1000 DPI

    DPI (Minimal and maximal value): 200-8000 DPI (can be set in increments of 50 DPI)

    Logi Bolt USB Receiver

    Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) version 5.0+

    Li-Po 1500 mAh Keyboard battery

    Li-Po 500 mAh Mouse battery

    Logi Options+

Pros : Solid build

Premium feel and sleek look

Works seamlessly across multiple synced devices

Environment-aware backlighting.

Long battery-life

Cons : Price

Bottomline : The wireless mouse and keyboard combo is a comprehensive solution for professionals looking for a companion for their specific workflow needs. With its solid build quality, comfortable design, multi-device compatibility, and customizable features, it aims to enhance efficiency and promote a productive work environment, but available at a premium price.


Do you also spend hours working on a PC or laptop? If so, you might be facing discomfort due to the lack of customizations available with your keyboard and mouse. On the other hand, a laptop user can additionally face challenges in maintaining the right sitting posture. The right keyboard and mouse combination that is designed keeping professionals’ requirements in mind can be the right solution.

Logitech recently announced its next-gen keyboard and mouse combo for professionals. The combo includes MX Master 3S mouse and MX Keys keyboard. The Logitech MX Keys Combo for Business Gen 2 is a solid solution designed to cater to the professionals’ workflow needs. Along with the ergonomic design, it has various features that can help to customize the combo to provide a seamless and comfortable working experience.

Build Quality


The second generation MX Keys Combo looks good and feels premium. The keyboard features a sturdy metal material that offers satisfying durability, stability, and quieter typing. The keys are crafted with a solid quality plastic material with a round indentation in the middle that lets your fingers travel easily.

Logitech MX Keys keyboard Logitech MX Keys keyboard

The mouse boasts a solid ergonomic design to fit the hand comfortably. Made of solid plastic, the mouse enables you to easily access all the buttons and the scroll wheel. It is designed for prolonged usage without discomfort. Moreover, the combo comes with MX Palm Rest that offers a cushioned surface for all-day comfort.


Logitech MX Master 3S Logitech MX Master 3S


The MX Keys Combo is compatible with all the leading operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and Chrome OS, etc.) and business applications. Not only PCs and laptops you can also pair the combo with your tablets, and smartphones. Both keyboard and mouse can be paired with up to three devices simultaneously using the Logi Bolt USB or Bluetooth. They come with easy-to-switch buttons, so you can shift from one to another device without any pain. The Logi Bolt USB lets you connect up to 6 Bolt devices moreover offers secure and encrypted wireless connections.


Logi Bolt Logi Bolt

To customize your experience with the combo, you can download the Logi Options+ software that lets you optimize the devices as per your workflow. You can easily personalized settings and predefined app-specific configurations.

The full-size keyboard comes with an integrated numpad and arrow keys, providing easy access to numerical input and navigation controls without the need for separate peripherals. It also offers a microphone mute function to quickly toggle your mic on or off during video meets. It also includes customizable F-keys, that can be configured to perform various functions based on your preferences.


The keyboard has auto-adjust backlighting with hand proximity sensors. When you take your hands on your keyboard, the keys will illuminate. This way it optimizes the keys’ visibility plus manages battery life.

The mouse features the MagSpeed Electromagnetic Scroll Wheel offering 1000 lines per second scroll for fast and efficient navigation through documents, web pages, and other content. Additionally, the MagSpeed scroll offers quiet operation, creating an ultra-quiet scrolling experience.


Logitech MXKeys Combo for Business Gen 2 Review 1 Logitech MXKeys Combo for Business Gen 2


While using the combo, I found that the keyboard and mouse both are designed strategically to adapt you and enhance your productivity. The keyboard is designed with a spherical shape to match the fingertips, promoting natural and fluid typing. It has a matte surface on the top for smooth finger movement so you can work for long hours. Additionally, the keyboard features tactile references for hand positioning, aiding in maintaining a steady workflow.


The mouse’s ergonomic design offers comfort and enhances precision. It provides accurate tracking and control. It can work on almost any surface including glass with a minimum thickness of 4mm. You can adjust the sensitivity between 4000 DPI and 8000 DPI using the Logi Options+ software. Additionally, it has Logitech's Quiet Click technology that minimizes distracting click noise.

As I mentioned earlier, you can connect up to three devices with the combo and switch easily between them. And if you want to work on two devices simultaneously, you can use Logitech Flow software to manage the transition from one to another.

Overall, the combo is a perfect choice for professionals, but individual’s preferences and ergonomic needs can vary. The keyboard's overall contour is relatively flat, which can result in an uncomfortable wrist position during extended use. Though the included memory foam MX Palm rest minimize the strain during long typing sessions. But for people with large palms, the flat contour of the keyboard could make typing uncomfortable during long typing sessions.

Battery Life

The wireless mouse and keyboard combo comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. Both devices have type C ports that also support quick charging. The company claims to offer 10 days and 70 days of battery life with a keyboard and mouse respectively on a full charge.

Both devices are packed with Lithium polymer batteries, I charged them and used them for a month. With me, the keyboard lasted for more than 10 days, while the mouse is still going strong without the need for another recharge.