O2 Cure Car Air Purifier Review

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O2 Cure Car Air Purifier Review
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Price : ₹ 6,930

Key Specs

    Sterilization - UV LED +HEPA (with Carbon)

    Power Consumptiion - 4.5 W

    CADR - 8 CMH

    Input Voltage - DC5V

    Power Cable - USB type A - 2.1 mm DC

    Certification - KC, CE, FCC

Pros : Portable

Effective for almost every virus outbreaks

Cons : No smart features

Noticeable noise

Bottomline : O2 Cure portable car air purifier is simple to use in your car or cabin. It is effective for most of the viruses around us but you can easily notice its noise and it doesn't have any smart feature as well.


Pollution is hazardous for our health; air purifiers have become a right solution to combat air pollution. Majorly they are built as per home or office requirements, but what about the car? The major air pollution we face on the road, not indoors. O2 Cure developed a portable car air purifier that plugs into any USB slot, and effective against viruses including Corona.


The portable air purifier comes with a Hybrid of HEPA and UV LED Technologies, it eliminates the drawbacks of UV, and protects you from all kinds of pathogens. The purifier can detect up to PM 2.5 levels and remove any bad odor from the car or room.


Unlike conventional LEDs, it can be used for disinfection, purification, and deodorization of water, air, and surfaces. Capable of using functional photons (particles of light) and photocatalysts of energy that have the characteristics of disinfection or decomposition of pollutants.

O2 Cure Car Air Purifier ReviewIt can be applied in various ways to household goods or applications for medical and diagnostic purposes. Advanced technology utilizing a variety of patents related to photocatalysts and orientation angles of light source rather than simple photocatalysts coupling.

Combination of HEPA and UV LED is a technology by RGF Environmental Group and O2 Cure, to disinfect, purify and deodorise air and surfaces. It employs UV LEDs and photocatalysts to break down viruses, bacteria and pollution. It is a highly effective technology against Coronavirus.


O2 Cure Car Air Purifier ReviewHEPA and UV LED Technology is proven against neutralizing Coronavirus with 99.9% sterilization in 30 Seconds.


HEPA and UV LED technology neutralizes 99% of bacterias and viruses, including COVID-19. The device uses UV light and creates hydroperoxides super superoxide ions and hydroxides, eliminating most of the viruses and bacterias available in the air.


Now let’s experience it in the real world, after turning on the device and keeping it running for around an hour. The first observation was – It’s a silent air purifier but when you change the mode you can notice the noise. We can feel the freshness in the air, we also noticed a reduction in bad odour. We get the air purifier turned on for longer periods, and the air around us got better.

Though it’s a simple to use device, we missed some of the essential smart features which we get with almost every modern air purifier.


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