pTron Tangent Jade Neckband Review

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Price: ₹ 1099

Key Specs

    10mm dynamic drivers 30ms Ultra-Low latency Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) HD mic Music/Gaming Modes Bluetooth 5.2 200 mAh battery

Pros: Decent sound, comfortable, bass-heavy signature, 30ms latency

Cons: Weak magnets, non-controllable RGB lights

Bottomline: The pTron Tangent Jade is available at an affordable price and offers a unique design, decent sound quality and battery life. With solid connectivity and good microphone, this comfortable to use neckband is a good choice for gamers on a budget.

To enhance your gameplay, you must have gaming headphone which is somehow a bit bulky. pTron with its Tangent Jade wireless neckband targeted the gamers. This is lightweight ENC neckband, but is it useful for gamers, let’s find out –

Build and features

The gaming wireless headphones come with 30ms ultra-low latency, Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) HD mic for a crystal clear calling experience and 10mm dynamic drivers. It is equipped with pTron’s AptSense technology to deliver an immersive gaming experience. The neckband has dual-mode – Music and Gaming, which can be enabled by pressing MFB (multi-function button) 3 times quickly, however Music mode is active by default. Having a similar fashion neckband design, pTron Jade is built keeping gaming in mind. It has various RGB lights on earbuds and neckband that flashes different colors, delivering an edgy ‘gamer-vibe’. It comes with large, tactile buttons to control the volume (single press) and playback (long-press), which are easy to reach and use. The neckband is IPX4 water resistance and has a flap to cover the USB-C port for complete peace of mind. It is powered by a 200 mAh battery, Bluetooth 5.2, Quick Pairing, Auto-Reconnect with Last Paired Device; Dual device pairing, etc.


pTron Tangent Jade does come with a unique design comprising 10 mm drivers. The large drivers have a slightly bass-heavy signature. You can enjoy a different genre of music with clear audio and bass. However, for music enthusiasts, it can disappoint being flat and lacking at depth of music, especially with multiple layers of songs. Though nothing is outstanding yet the microphone is really good in both games and phone calls. The wireless connectivity is solid and reliable, once connected to your device it easily pairs up when you turn on the device. The company claims 30ms latency which is low enough to give you a smooth experience without any sound delays. It is easy to wear and comfortable enough to keep it on for longer hours. The earbuds have magnets but are not strong enough, when leaving them hanging on your neck they won’t pair stick to each other. You need to bring them close to each other manually. Also, there is no point in having a weak magnetic neckband when they won’t turn it on or off. As I mentioned earlier, it has RGB lights giving it an edgy look, but there is no control for lights. They will blink continually which may distract a few gamers.


The Jade is packed with a powerful battery that claimed to offer 25 hours of juice on one charge. While moderately using the band, it was able to deliver more than 20 hours of juice. I think if pTron had included a button or option to turn off the RGB, it might end up delivering better results. In our audio loop test, playing a different genre of song on full volume, it was able to deliver 90 mins of little low battery backup.

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