Transcend JetMemory 4 GB

Upgrade your Mac computer’s memory for optimum performance with Transcend JetMemory 4 GB

Ashok Pandey
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Price : ₹ 4,000

Bottomline : A cost effective solution to boost your PC multitasking and gaming performance.

Upgrade your Mac computer’s memory for optimum performance

The JetMemory series’ 4GB DDR3 RAM is compatible with Mac computers. It can be easily installed in the PC by replacing the old one or adding an additional memory stick for increased performance. The DDR3 RAM delivers 60 GB/s of memory bandwidth at 1866MHz that makes it capable enough to handle multitasking, 4K video editing, 3D rendering, and scientific simulations which require round-the-clock stability.

While using the RAM with our test PC, it boosted the performance. On benchmark testing, the results were impressive with 3DMark the PC scored P435 and on PassMark 2106. As well as, the total booting time of the PC was reduced by 1 min and 10 seconds using the RAM.

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