Truvison TX3271 Smart LED TV Review

Ashok Pandey
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Truvison TX3271 Smart LED TV Review
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Price : ₹ 23490

Key Specs

    4k Ultra HD technology

    1920 x 1080 pixels

    Access to Google play store, Netflix and Youtube

    Miracast feature

    Anroid Air Fly Mouse

    USB to USB copy function

    Android Air Fly Mouse

    2 HDMI ports

    Android 4.4 operating system with 1GB RAM

Pros : Affordable, bright colors, smart TV, performance

Cons : Grains can be seen sometimes

Bottomline : For a budget conscious customer, Truvison TX3271 Smart LED TV is one of the perfect choices. It delivers overall good viewing experience with quality picture and decent sound.


Europe based consumer electronics & appliances Company, Truvison, announced its new smart LED TV - TX3271. The growing smart Android TV market raises the competition, benefiting consumers. Truvison’s latest offering also represent the same, its an affordable smart TV with a load of features and FHD screen.

Build and design

The 32-inch Full HD Smart LED TV comes with a slim profile and can be easily placed on a table or wall mount, whatever suits you. It’s discreet, narrow bezel puts your focus firmly on the picture, not on the frame. The HD screen supports 1920x1080pixel resolution with wide viewing angles meaning you can enjoy watching your favorite TV channel, movie or play the game from any angle with your friends and family. With a dynamic contrast ratio of 300000:1, it produces the brightest and the darkest colors efficiently.

Truvison TX3271 Smart LED TV Review

Entertainment package

The smart TV is powered by Android 4.4 operating system and comes with inbuilt apps. You can use apps like YouTube to watch all your favorite videos with your friends and family. Stream videos on Netflix, or add some other apps which you like the play store.


Using the Miracast you can easily replicate your phones and laptop’s screen on the TV wirelessly. It also sports HDMI port to plug your Xbox and PS. It also has a USB port so you can easily play videos and other content directly from your drive.

Truvison TX3271 Smart LED TV Review



The TV has the almost every connectivity and smart features which make it a real smart TV. You can enjoy various apps including YouTube and Netflix etc. to watch various types of videos and audios on it. In terms of picture quality, it delivers good contrast ratio, decent and accurate color production and so was the sound quality, but we can’t say it is the best one.

We tested the HD content movies and the picture quality delivered by the UHD TV was good. Watching the Interstellar in 1080p the TV delivered good blacks in dark scenes like the void of space and in dark areas of mixed scenes like the backgrounds behind the astronauts. The color accuracy was good and Bright colors, like the green of the corn fields and the deep blue of the lake was nicely balanced and saturated too. Overall the picture looked soothing and comfortable to eyes without extending any stress.

Another exciting feature is the Android Air Fly Mouse that allows you to enjoy the gaming experience. The Air fly mouse that comes along with the other functional remote is especially to ease your gaming actions and feel the real action while you stay engrossed in movies.

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