Virtus Motors Alpha-M Electric Bicycle Review

Virtus Motors Alpha-M Electric Bicycle Review: It is a superb choice for regular commuting or city exploration.

Ashok Pandey
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Virtus Motors Alpha M Electric Bicycle Review
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Price : ₹ 31,999

Key Specs

    Motor: 250W Hub Motor

    Battery: 36V 8Ah (288Whr) Removable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

    5 Level Pedal Assist Function

    LCD Multi-Function Display

    Battery Level, Odometer

    Brake Sensors

    Tyre Size: 26x2.40''

    36 Spoke Steel Rims

    Tube Tires

    Front And Rear Disc Brakes

    Throttle: 35 km

    Pedal Assist: 60 km

    Max Speed: 25 kmph

Pros : Excellent performance and value

Wide tyres and sports handlebar

Torque, lights, and LCD head unit

Fenders, and disc brakes

Cons : The seat could be more comfortable for longer rides

Bottomline : The Virtus Motors Alpha M e-bike is a superb choice for regular commuting or city exploration. This e-bike offers a comfortable riding experience, over 60 km on a single charge, which is an incredible range. It is unquestionably a model to take into consideration if you're looking for an e-bike that offers comfort, ease, and efficiency.


It's possible that you might not be familiar with Virtus Motors, so le me tell you a bit about the brand. Virtus Motors specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of electric vehicles, and currently offers three distinct e-bike models tailored to different types of riders.

I got a chance to review the e-bike Alpha-M, lets see how it performs in the real world –

Build quality


The e-bike features a bespoke diamond frame that's specifically designed for off-roading. Made from high-quality alloy steel, the frame is lightweight and easy to maneuver both on and off the road. The bike is also equipped with front suspension and wide tires that absorb impacts and provide excellent traction on any terrain. The MTB diamond frame is made out of alloy steel with a frame size of 19 inches, which is suitable for a range of riders. Additionally, the bike's striking styling and design are sure to draw attention wherever you ride it.

Virtus Motors Alpha M Electric Bicycle Review 1 Virtus Motors Alpha M Electric Bicycle Review 1



The e-bike is powered by a 250W hub motor and a 288Whr Lithium-Ion battery pack. It comes with a 42V 2A charger that takes around 4 hours to charge the battery from 0 to 100. It is equipped with front and rear disc brakes for maximum safety.

The e-bike has an LCD multi-function display with an odometer and a charge level indicator. Its three controls are the speed up, speed down, and power buttons. Three keys are supplied with the bike: one for the lock, one to unlock the battery deck, and one to turn the battery power supply on and off. The bike must first be turned on before you can use it; after that, hold down the power button for a little while. Your bike will be ready for action when the LCD display turns on. The "+" and "-" buttons allow you to shift the gear that it is in, which is the first gear by default. Don't turn the bike on or set the gear to zero if you want to use it normally.


Virtus Motors Alpha M Electric Bicycle Review display Virtus Motors Alpha M Electric Bicycle Review display

For various riding experiences, it includes a 5-level pedal assist function. It also incorporates brake sensors, which offer another level of security and allow you to control your bike even at higher speeds. The bike is comfortable to ride because to its ergonomic seat, front suspension, and rubber grip handlebars. According to the manufacturer, the maximum range with pedal assistance is 60 km, and the peak speed is 25 kmph, with a range of 35 km on a single full charge while using the throttle. The bicycle weighs only 20 kg, and is perfect to ride on different terrain.


You can ride this e-bike even in low-light conditions as it comes with a bright headlight at the front to light up your path. Additionally, it features a mild-sounding horn that is loud enough to alert pedestrians. Both the headlight and horn controls are located on the right handle along with the throttle.


I've been using the Virtus Motors Alpha M e-bike for morning cycling and city exploration for the past few weeks. It functioned remarkably well in every circumstance; I rode it on poorly maintained city streets, and even up some of the steepest avenues. The e-bike's 250W hub motor has enough power to propel it, and I operated it primarily with pedal assistance and sometimes purely with the throttle.


The Virtus Motors Alpha M is an excellent choice if you're looking for an e-bike for mobility. It includes a powerful spotlight, horn, and front suspension for a comfortable ride even in low light, as well as anything else you could possibly need for commuting or travelling about town.

Did it, however, live up to the company's promises? Yes, with pedal assistance, I was able to cover more than 60 km in one full charge and even occasionally reached the top speed of 25 kmph, giving me a total run distance of 74 km on a single charge. In conclusion, I can state that you can easily achieve more than 60 km of range if you ride this bike at a respectable speed.

A few little flaws were the only thing that kept everything from being perfect. The seat was comfortable for shorter rides or smaller riders, but it was uncomfortable for me on longer journeys that lasted an hour. A bit disappointingly, the back and front wheels have two reflectors each, and there is no tail lamp. I anticipated that the bike would be required to have a rear light because it prevents accidents in low-light conditions.


Furthermore, I wished for a rear shock absorber to improve riding comfort while traveling on poorly maintained city streets. I cannot, however, expect to have a rear shock absorber given the bike's cost. But I would pay more for a seat that is more comfortable and a rear shock absorber.


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