Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Review

Fujifilm has really upped its game with the Instax 12, including some innovative modifications that significantly improve your photography experience. One notable improvement is the more straightforward process for switching between shooting settings.

Preeti Anand
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User Fujifilm instax mini 12 Review

Fujifilm has really upped its game with the Instax 12, including some innovative modifications that significantly improve your photography experience. One notable improvement is the more straightforward process for switching between shooting settings. Close-up mode no longer requires messing with buttons and pushing on the lens. To start shooting, simply switch the dial from 'off' to 'on'. This simpler technique lowers confusion and saves time, making capturing memories with the Instax 12 easy. We sincerely appreciate this user-friendly upgrade. It shows Fujifilm's dedication to listening to user feedback and improving its products to provide a seamless and fun photographic experience.


instax mini 12: Close-up Mode

In addition to minimising the process of engaging close-up mode, the Instax 12 improves the feature's functionality. One significant enhancement is the viewfinder's self-adjusting feature when moving to close-up mode. This intelligent improvement simplifies the framing process, allowing users to get close-up images of people and objects without requiring manual changes.

Understanding the optimal shooting distance becomes essential for beginners trying out close-up mode. Close-up mode is best successful when photographing subjects from a distance of 1.5 to 2 feet (40 to 60 cm). This range provides optimal subject framing while minimising distortion, producing clear and well-composed photos. Close-up mode is excellent for capturing selfies or close-up photographs of items, as it can focus on subjects at a closer range while keeping sharpness and detail. Users may easily capture interesting portraits or emphasise minute details by setting the camera within this specific distance range. Understanding the intended usage and limitations of close-up mode allows users to make thoughtful choices about when and how to fully utilise this feature, ensuring excellent outcomes with each photo.


instax mini 12: Simple Yet Effective Photography

Despite its small size, the optical system perfectly fits the microscopic nature of Instax Mini photographs, ensuring that framing is precise and enjoyable. The addition of a little mirror next to the lens for selfie composition is a clever detail that proved surprisingly beneficial, making the photography process more accessible. While the Instax Mini 12 lacks advanced manual controls for focus, exposure, and flash settings, its simplicity is part of its appeal. The Instax Mini format is excellent for candid, enjoyable images of friends and family when spontaneity and simplicity reign supreme.

In basic terms, the Instax Mini 12 excels at what it was supposed to do: capture pleasant moments hassle-free. Its simple approach allows users to enjoy photography without being distracted by technical details, making it the ideal partner for casual photos and cherished memories. We would make it user-friendly, simple, and powerful so that kids and teenagers can also enjoy the photography experience wholesomely.


instax mini 12: Picture Quality

The Instax Mini 12's picture quality is impressive, thanks to its outstanding auto-exposure mechanism. Fuji appears to have mastered the art of exposure control with this camera, producing consistently well-exposed photographs that captivate. Whether photographing outdoor scenes or challenging inside environments, the Instax Mini 12 generates bright, accurately illuminated images, mainly portraits of people. However, as with many Instax cameras, flash falloff may be evident. When subjects are too far away from the camera or in dimly lit areas, the flash may struggle to evenly illuminate the picture evenly, resulting in darker backgrounds and possible underexposure of distant subjects. To prevent this, keep your subjects near the camera so the flash can adequately light the scene and provide proper exposure. While flash limits may be an issue, the Instax Mini 12's excellent auto-exposure capabilities overcome slight downsides. With dependably well-exposed photographs and rich colours, this camera excels at capturing pictures.

instax mini 12: Design


The Instax Mini 12 reflects simplicity, providing customers with an easy approach to photography free of unnecessary modes and confusing controls. Its simple design makes collecting memories simple and quick, and the suggested enhancements increase the usefulness and freedom of use. The Instax Mini 12 has a unique design that some may find appealing, while others may see it as odd or toy-like. Its globular shape and rounded corners and light weight give it a distinct look that fits comfortably in bags, making it easy to carry around for impromptu photo opportunities.

Pastel colours , lend the Instax Mini a retro charm that matches its playful character. These soft and muted tones may appeal to people who prefer a more delicate and elegant appearance for their photography equipment. Whether it's a lovely blush pink, a calming mint green, or a tranquil sky blue, the pastel colours of the Instax Mini 12 give an original touch to the lineup, making it more appealing to a wider audience. The Instax Mini 12 retains its beautiful appearance and timeless appeal, encouraging users to capture and remember their most memorable moments in elegance.

instax mini 12: Battery


The Instax Mini 12 requires regular battery changes to function correctly. Two AA batteries, including the flash, are needed to power the camera's activities. However, because of the flash's high power consumption, the batteries can run out quickly, demanding regular replacements. The simplicity of utilising readily available AA batteries in the Instax Mini 12 is a benefit. However, to minimise such problems, users must maintain their batteries properly.

One crucial aspect is the possibility of alkaline batteries leaking if left unused for a lengthy period. Unlike rechargeable batteries, alkaline batteries can degrade over time and leak corrosive chemicals if they are not discharged regularly. This is especially important for customers who may need to use their instant film cameras more often to notice a leaking battery. Remove the batteries to keep your camera intact.

instax mini 12: Price


With a printed retail price MRP of Rs. 9499, some may see the Instax Mini 12 camera as expensive. However, the touch while holding the camera in your hands is incomparable. The camera's body is exceptionally well-built, conveying craftsmanship and longevity. Instax Mini film is usually sold in packs of ten prints with a retail price MRP of Rs.799. While the quality and satisfaction of physical prints are unquestionable, some might find the cost per print to be high compared to alternative photography options.

However, it is important to consider the unique experience and physical memories that instant film gives, as these may justify the increased expense for certain people. Furthermore, watching for discounts, promotions, or special offers might help you reduce the overall cost of utilising Instax Mini film while reaping the benefits.

instax mini 12: Our Verdict


The Instax Mini 12 continues to become popular as the top choice for new instant photo enthusiasts. With its beautiful and intuitive design, utilising the camera is a pleasure, making it an excellent choice for any social occasion. Although a slightly lower price would be better, it is crucial to note that film photography generally has its own set of costs when contrasted to the convenience of smartphone photography. Nonetheless, for those looking for a camera to capture moments and create lasting memories, the Instax Mini 12 is a clear winner. Finally, while the cost may be an issue, many people find that the delight of instant film photography is well worth the investment in capturing and keeping priceless memories.

Despite the greater price, the Instax Mini 12's simplicity and user-friendliness make it worth it. From its easy controls to its simple operation, every part of the camera is intended to improve the user experience and make collecting memories enjoyable. While pricing may not be appealing to some, those who value quality, convenience, and the whole camera experience may find the Instax Mini 12 a good purchase. After all, the ability to generate instant prints and capture precious moments is a priceless effort that goes beyond its monetary worth.