Jabra SPEAK2 55 Review

The Jabra SPEAK2 55 offers a compelling blend of performance, durability, and versatility.

Ashok Pandey
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Jabra SPEAK2 55 Review


Key Specs

50mm Full-Range Speakers

IP64-rated Protection from Dust and Water

Full-Duplex Audio

Ultra-advanced Four Beamforming Microphones

Noise Reduction

USB-C and USB-A Connectivity

Up to 30 meters Bluetooth Range

2 x 900 mAh lithium-ion battery


Advanced Microphone Technology

Durable and Portable Design

Excellent Bluetooth Range

Wide Compatibility

Versatile Connectivity

Enhanced Audio Performance


USB-A Connectivity Issues

Slight Echo Effect in Recordings

Price: ₹ 26,896


Price: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Features: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Performance: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Overall: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bottom Line

The Jabra SPEAK2 55 is an excellent choice for remote communication and collaboration, offering advanced features and impressive audio quality despite minor issues, it is ideal for professionals seeking enhanced virtual meeting experiences.


In the evolving landscape of remote collaboration, striking the right balance between convenience, performance, and innovation is crucial. The Jabra SPEAK2 55 is positioned as a robust speakerphone designed to enhance virtual meetings with advanced audio technology.

Build and Features

The Jabra SPEAK2 55 combines sturdy construction with a range of features aimed at optimizing remote collaboration. Its sleek design, resembling a 'puck' and now equipped with a custom fabric cover, not only looks modern but also improves acoustic performance. With IP64-rated protection against dust and water and a smart protective pouch, it's well-suited for professionals who are frequently on the move.


Performance is a highlight of the SPEAK2 55. Featuring state-of-the-art microphone technology including four beamforming microphones and noise cancellation, it effectively isolates voices from background distractions like typing or ambient noise. Voice level normalization further enhances communication by equalizing voice volumes, ensuring everyone can be heard clearly without constantly adjusting volume settings.


Setting up the Jabra SPEAK2 55 can be a mixed experience, influenced by device compatibility and initial configuration steps. Some users may encounter challenges with USB-A connectivity, such as partial connectivity or sound distortion, potentially due to issues with aging computer ports or adapter functionality. However, transitioning to the USB-C connection showcases swift charging capabilities and a seamless setup process. Bluetooth pairing and cable connectivity with computers become straightforward once the Jabra Direct software is installed for full microphone and speaker functionality.



The Jabra SPEAK2 55, we tested, certified for Microsoft Teams, exceeds technical specifications and delivers impressive audio performance across a wide frequency range. Equipped with 50mm full-range speakers capable of reproducing sounds as low as 20Hz and up to 15,300Hz with minimal distortion, this speakerphone handles diverse audio content, including music playback. While minor clicking noises were noticed during volume adjustments or track changes, the overall sound quality remains commendable.

The standout feature is its microphone array, comprising four advanced Digital MEMS microphones that offer up to 2.3 meters of range. Tested in various noisy environments like office spaces, the SPEAK2 55 effectively suppresses background noise while amplifying human speech, maintaining clarity even amid dynamic surroundings.

Battery Life

The Jabra SPEAK2 55 offers impressive battery performance, providing up to 12 hours of usage on a single charge. During moderate use, it delivered over 10 hours of battery life. The inclusion of a USB-C cable with a USB-A adapter facilitates easy charging and connectivity with various devices, making it a practical and reliable conferencing solution for professionals on the move.

During a continuous music loop test, the battery lasted for 5 hours and 24 minutes on a single charge while playing music over Bluetooth at 100 per cent volume.