Ricoh Brings Wide Range of Projectors Across Segments

Ricoh India Ltd. announces a wide range of projectors across segments namely Short Throw Handy Projector, Enter Level Projector and Ultra Short Throw Projector

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Ricoh PJ WXC1110 projector

Ricoh India Ltd. announces a wide range of projectors across segments namely Short Throw Handy Projector, Enter Level Projector and Ultra Short Throw Projector. The launch is in line with the company’s commitment to offer new and innovative products for the consumers.


In the Short Throw Handy Projectors segment, RICOH introduced PJ WX C1110 which is a lightweight and compact projector consolidating the advanced functionality as well as reliability. The projector is equipped with outstanding image quality, armed with high image brightness 600 ANSI lumens for better image quality. Moreover, the image brilliance is matched by high contrast of 40,000:1, providing clear and vivid images along with power supply designed to suit Indian Power conditions. The projector is highly portable as it weighs only 0.45 kg and also easy to use, which makes it as an ideal projector for travelling professional specialists such as sales executives and trainers. It can present any format of document directly from a USB drive or hand held device, eliminating the dependency on laptop.

The key USP of RICOH PJ S2340 and RICOH PJ X2340 is its advanced 3D projection function. For screens, still images, PowerPoint presentations can opt for the entry-level RICOH PJ S2340 that offers incredible convenience at a budget price. For showing more videos and fine-detailed images, one can opt for RICOH PJ X2340. Through Eco Mode, one could adjust brightness for darker colours automatically to reduce energy usage without affecting the image. As a result, the lamp life can be extended from 4,500 hours to a whopping 6,000 hours.

Ultra-Short Throw Ricoh PJ WX4152, PJ WX4152N and PJ WX4152NI are extremely compact and provide exceptional quality, choice and convenience. These are conveniently portable and can be placed within centimetres of the display surface and showcase crisp, compelling high-quality presentations, videos, images and more at up to 80 inches diagonally without shadows, glare or other distortions. Almost any space previously considered restricted can now become a productive venue for bright and engaging presentations. The projector comes with 3,500 lumens brightness, 13,000:1 contrast ratio, and WXGA resolution (1,280 x 800 pixels) for excellent image clarity.


The company also announced all new series of high end projectors namely PJ X6181N, PJ WX6181N and PJ WU 6181N and PJKU1200. The recently launched projectors are equipped with contrast ratio of 6000:1, which enables to deliver superb image quality and brilliance under any lighting conditions. With the choice of opting different resolutions, it allows one to meet the needs of audiences from 10 to 100 people. Thus it permits one to project presentations onto screens as large as 500 inches (diagonal).

The high end projectors also have a 360˚ mode setting which allows to use these projectors easily for digital signage applications, ideal for events and retail applications. A choice of 6 swappable lenses, including a 1.3 zoom lens, which provides with the options for installation in a variety of positions relative to the screen.

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