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There was a time when new IT projects were difficult to push through for
approval. Top management required a lot of convincing before they would approve
anything to do with IT. That time is now passé. It’s not that IT projects don’t
require convincing anymore. New projects will always require convincing and ROI
justification no matter which stream they’re for. What’s changed now is that the
value of IT as a business enabler is well understood. With that basic hurdle out
of the way, the next step is to choose the right technology for your business.
This is easier said than done, given that there are so many new technologies and
trends, and all of them promise to be the best thing that happened to mankind
after brown bread. How do you therefore decide what to choose? Even before that,
how do you find out what are all the choices? Given that IT infrastructure is
becoming increasingly complex, any new addition requires a lot of careful

Keeping all these considerations in mind, we bring you this guide to emerging
technologies and trends that are relevant to businesses. As there are so many of
them, we’ve broken them up according to various IT streams to make it easier for
you to understand them. So in the pages to follow, you’ll find emerging
technologies, trends, their benefits, deployment scenarios, and much more across
15 IT streams.

Server consolidation and virtualization
Data Center Infrastructure
Everything over IP
Wide Area Networks
Storage Management,
DR and BCP
Network Security
Security and ID Management
Oriented Architecture
Web Services
High Performance Computing
Managed IT Services
Compliance to Standards

Adeesh Sharma, Anadi Misra, Anindya Roy, Apurva Kothari, Rinku Tyagi, Sanjay
Majumder, Sujay V Sarma, Swapnil Arora and Vinod Unny

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