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Thought roller coasters and robots had nothing in common? Well, it’s time to meet Robo Coaster. Billed as the world’s most unusual robotic ride, this 30-foot tall, and 8,000-lbs robot that runs on Windows can take you around on a roller coaster ride if you strap yourself into it. And best of all, you get to choose your excitement level. Now the difficult part. Those who want to check out this bizarre ride will have to fly down to the International Robots Show in Chicago. 

Tasty Fries Vending Machine
Robot watch dogs, robot maids, robot vacuum cleaners, robot toys! How about a robot that can cook perfect French Fries? That is what American company Tasty Fries is betting on strongly. After spending six years, $5 mn and some help from Siemens! Tasty Fries has now come up with a robotic vending machine that doesn’t smoke like others, and at the same time can give you tasty French Fries in 90 seconds flat. Tasty Fries is betting on the fact that they will be able to roll out their vending machines soon enough to give even big Mac a run for their money. 

Robot clone
Wanna’ be in two worlds, both at the same time? How about sitting in your favorite pub and gulping down chilled beer, and simultaneously talking business with your client across the Atlantic? Yes, this is going to be real, sometime in the future. No, we aren’t talking about clones here, but robots. Or more specifically HP’s new robotic Telepresence. This mobile robot has an LCD screen to project images of your face and can transmit, receive sound and video back to you via cameras. And what if you leave it quietly in one corner of the office. You might just be able to know what people are saying behind your back through its highly sensitive microphone. Planning to book one today? You will have to wait for sometime though, since this is just a proof of concept.

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