Rugged Tablet industry to grow 6.3% by 2022 in Asia

Headquartered in Taiwan, Getac, a Rugged tablet, and products developer company was founded in 1989 and operate in 20 countries globally.

Ankit Parashar
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Headquartered in Taiwan, Getac, a Rugged tablet and products developer company was founded in 1989 and operate in 20 countries globally. In a candid interaction with PCQUEST, Rowina Lee, Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development Centre, Getac Technology Corporation shed the lights on the future of the rugged industry and opportunities for the Indian market.


Tell us something about Getac. What sets Getac apart?

We develop rugged products that are designed to increase efficiency and productivity on the field and can be seamlessly integrated into the day-to-day workflow, in challenging environments. Additionally, our extensive range of rugged devices such as laptops and tablets are certified by independent third-parties of MIL-STD and IP ratings.

One of the major differences between us and the rest of the industry is our unique ability to create customised solutions for our customers. We have a strong Research & Development (R&D) team that develops many patented and useful features such as glove-on multi-touch screen, sunlight-readable display, hot-swappable dual battery system, and 3D antenna technology. Our own mechanical tooling centre also responds to any requirements in mechanical design modifications.


Additionally, our devices come with the new Bumper-to-Bumper warranty, which includes accidental damage in packages of 3 or 5 years for tablet and laptops. This gives our customers the peace of mind that their units will be repaired or even replaced at no extra cost in a short period of time, enabling them to avoid any extended downtime and inefficiencies.

What is the outlook of the Rugged Tablet/ devices industry in Asia?

According to a recent report from VDC Research, the Rugged Tablet industry in the Asia Pacific is expected to continue growing at an annual rate of 6.3% through 2022.


The growth of the industry can be attributed to digitalisation, which has fuelled the growth of the Internet of Things – enabling the need for devices to have digital components, ultimately improving the way people work and live their lives.

As the workforce becomes more mobile, the need for rugged devices with high-speed wireless technology will increase. Not only does the hardware need to be durable, but the innovative software is also important to ensure productivity, connectivity and durability, regardless of the environment.

What are the business opportunities you see in India? What are the industry reactions?


 India is expected to become one of the top three fastest-growing economic powers in the world in the next 10 to 15 years. By 2027, its domestic product (GDP) is expected to reach US$6 trillion, enabling the country to achieve upper-middle-income status backed by factors such as digitalisation and globalisation.

Industries such as the pharmaceutical sector, for example, is rapidly growing in India, and as more manufacturing plants start operating in the country, there will be increased usage of materials that are highly flammable or even potentially explosive. So as factors such as the safety of workers become ever more important for employers, there is a need for products that are even more reliable. Rugged devices such as our ATEX-certified products will be able to ensure that workers are operating anti-explosive, intrinsic safety devices that do not only drive safely but also help increase productivity in such potentially hazardous environments.

Another example would be the public safety industry, which is an also key sector in the country. Our customers in the field appreciate the fact that our products are not only rugged and developed to help with various challenging situations, they also comply with their in-vehicle requirements to provide consistent support wherever they go.


 What future technology trends do you see in the market? 

 As digitalisation continues to transform the ways businesses operate, companies now have a greater need for quality for durable technology.

At Getac, technology and innovation are the core of our company. Our R&D and sales teams work very closely together to understand our customers’ needs and develop devices that would suit them. Getac continues to push ahead into new areas of innovation, keeping our customers and partners ahead of their competition.

Rugged Tablet is very useful for various applications in industries such as defence, public safety, oil and gas, construction, utilities, transportation, and manufacturing, and recently we have seen a trend where customers are beginning to really appreciate external factors such as versatility and portability. For instance, the size of our tablets range from 5.7-inches to 14-inches, and some also come with detachable options to suit the needs of customers in various industries.