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By using Winetools, you can configure, install and run various Windows applications easily. We assume that you are running PCQLinux 2005 with SP1. Login as root and install the RPMs named wine-20041019-1pcqlinux2005sp1 winehq.i386. rpm and winetools-2.1.2-jo.i386.rpm found on this month’s PCQuest Essential CD. Note that the Wine version (20041019) given is quite old as compared to the latest release because Winetools is said to work best with this version of Wine. Also the Wine RPM has been compiled for PCQLinux 2005 SP1. Below we talk of running Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Windows Media Player in Linux. You can even create shortcuts on your desktop to run them. You can also install more software by going to the WineTools 2.1.2 Window and choosing ‘Install tested software’. Here in the window titled ‘Additional Software’, select the software and click on OK.


Applies to: Desktop Linux users

USP: Run IE, Outlook Express and Windows Media Player from Linux.

Primary link:

Google keywords:
wine tools 2.1.2
On PCQEssential CD: system\labs\Wine 

Login as a non-root user in GNOME/KDE. Fire a terminal window and issue
/usr/local/bin/winetools. Move on. After getting Winetools 2.1.2 window, select ‘Base setup’

On the window titled Base Setup, select ‘Create a fake Windows drive’ and click on OK. For the mount point, 
select /media/cdrom or /media/cdrecorder 
When Base setup window shows up again, select install IE 6, install DCOM98 and Microsoft Foundation Classes 4.0  Launch IE 6, Outlook Express and Windows Media Player by running $HOME/bin/ie6, outlookexpress, or wmplayer

Shekhar Govindarajan, IT4Enterprise

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