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Run Windows on Your Mac Sans Boot Camp


Price: Rs 3,999
Applies to: Mac users

USP: Run multiple OSes on Mac without using Boot Camp

Primary Links:www.parallels.com
Search engine keywords: Parallel Desktop 7 for Mac

Parallel Desktop 7 for Mac gives the freedom to run both Mac and other environments (including Windows) simultaneously using desktop virtualization techniques. This ability makes it a very useful solution for organizations since Windows remains the dominant OS everywhere. Further there are two ways in which you can install Windows in Mac; you can either choose to directly run Windows application in Mac environment post installation (something like XP mode of Windows 7 Ultimate and above) or just like any other virtual machine. Installing this package is simple. Visit www.parallels.com to download the latest version of this package (trial is available) on your Mac, and follow simple installation steps. Once your Parallel Desktop 7 is installed, either install a fresh copy of Windows or convert the existing copy of Windows (with installed applications) into a virtual machine. In our review, we converted the existing Windows 7 machine into a virtual machine. To accomplish this, you need to download and install Parallels transporter agent on the Windows 7 machine. This can be downloaded at http://tinyurl.com/2tyt8j (105 MB file).

It took about an hour to convert our Windows 7 32-bit PC (20 GB size) to virtual machine over wireless network.

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