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In the April issue (andLinux: A Parallel Workstation, page 98), we discussed
about andLinux, which co-exists with Windows. When you install andLinux on any
Windows system, it is installed as an application. But TopologiLinux is a bit
different. It gets installed as a separate operating system without any
partitioning. You get a proper boot menu for booting Linux or Windows in the
boot manager (if you want) or you can boot TopologiLinux within the Windows
itself, with the help of coLinux.

This stable version of Slackware -based Linux runs on almost all versions of
Windows. It requires minimum of 100 MB disk space and 8 MB RAM. But to install
all components you need to have 4 GB of free HDD space. To install TopologiLinux
you need to initiate the installation from Windows .

Direct Hit!

Applies To:
IT Managers
Price: Free
USP: A free Linux distro that can run on
your existing Windows system without partitioning
Primary Link:
Google Keyword:


Insert the PCQ Xtreme DVD provided with this
issue , go to Linux folder and run setup file. Specify the drive you want to
install TopologiLinux to and allocate the space for the same
Install the GRUB based bootloader and click
on ‘Yes.’ This process modifies the boot manager and adds TopologiLinux as
the second option to boot


128 MB of RAM is recommended for coLinux to
work on Windows smoothly. After installation, it will create a TAP-Win32
Adapter for networking
This option lets you install coLinux on your
Windows system which helps you to run TopologiLinux on top of your existing

Window OS


Once coLinux is installed, you will have the
option to install TopologiLinux in colinux mode or in Linux mode. If coLinux
doesn’t work then try the next option
coLinux console comes up for the rest of the
installation. Press enter if you have the default US keyboard, else press
‘1’ to configure


After getting the login username, specify
‘Root.’ you will get the command prompt type ‘Setup’ to install
TopologiLinux OS
For networking in coLinux, right-click on
the TAP connector and select property. Set the IP to ‘’ as the MS
Windows default IP for an NIC that is using a shared network connection


Right-click on the physical network icon, go
to properties and navigate to ‘Advance’ tab. Check the ‘Allow other
connection ….’ and boot TopologiLinux
Once the system has booted, type ‘Setup’ and
press ‘Enter.’ Enter the user info and click on ‘TopologiLinux X’ icon on
your desktop to connect to it in graphical mode.

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